Posted by: Taylor | November 18, 2006

The Thumb Has Won! Auburn Beats Bama 22-15!

It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger!

Auburn Wins 5 Straight Over State Rival Alabama

Injured and still hurting after a devastating game against Georgia, the Auburn Tigers win on the road against a strong Alabama team.  WAR EAGLE!

Coach Tuberville After Winning 5 Straight Over Alabama

The Thumb has Won!  Tommy Tuberville has reason to celebrate after winning 5 straight against Auburn’s greatest rival.  Tuberville can now boast a 6 and 2 record against the tide.  WAR EAGLE!!!

Get the Shirts!  Have a great Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year cause Auburn beat Bama, and were gonna celebrate all year.

Fear the Thumb!

Fear the Thumb

The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Five in a Row!

Five in a Row, Ho, Ho, Ho!

Round the Bowl, Down the Hole, Roll Tide, Roll!

Round the Bowl, Down the Hole, Roll Tide, Roll.



  1. Reluctant congrats. Never thought I’d live to see it, and didn’t want to. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail in T-town and we’ll get another crack at y’all, with Shula at the helm, next year on the plains! Again, congratulations on a well deserved victory.

  2. Thanks for the gracious congrats J. Bama played a good game. Y’all have a lot of talent, and I expect that Bama could be a 9-2 team or better next year. I know many Tide fans are critical of Shula, but with all the turmoil with coaches over the last many years, Shula deserves at least 1 more if not 2 more years.

    Auburn went from Dye to Terry to Tommy, and it was only after Tuberville had been with Auburn 4 years that things start to turn around. Now Auburn knows it can contend, but the real question is can they take it up a level to truly contend nationally.

    That is a big task for any college team these days, but it is even harder in the SEC. By seasons end, the SEC will have at least 4 if not 5 teams in the top 20. The SEC is the hardest conference hands down, and more times than not, we all beat each other up so much that it is nearly impossible to go undefeated these days.

    But not to worry, I truly believe that within the next 5 years, possibly 4, that we will see an undefeated Auburn and Alabama coming into the Iron Bowl with national attention and national championship anticipation. And then, we will truly see the game of the ages. The greatest school rivalry in the greatest team matchup. It won’t be just the state national championship. It will be a true national championship game.

  3. I thought Auburn made a mistake hiring Tuberville. He’d never beaten ‘Bama at Ole Miss, and of course beating ‘Bama (or Auburn) is what it’s mostly about. Shows how much I know.

    I do believe Shula has the program headed in the right direction. What ‘Bama is going through is proof positive that it’s very difficult to rebuild. ‘Bama was literally on top of the college football world when all this started. It took Oklahoma forever to come back and it’s even harder now than just a few years ago.

    Like you, I look forward to the day when the Iron Bowl has national ramifications. I’d like to think it could be next year. We can dream, can’t we?


  4. My son graduated from Auburn a few years back and I follow them mostly during football season. I lived in Georgia back in the late 70’s and my ex went to Georgia her mom went to ‘Bama and her brother was a Georgia Tech grad. The rivalries were fun to watch and the south loves their football.
    Just thought I’d stop by and say “Go War Eagles”

    Thanks Jay

  5. Jay, thanks for stopping by. War Eagle, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Auburn beat us for the 5 th straight time. It was like Capt. Gus McRae dying all over again in Lonsome Dove. I could hear Dixie playing like it was far on the horizon. The anwer to Fear The Thumb is I Gotcha Thumb @

  7. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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