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Keith Ellison, the Quran, and Thomas Jefferson

Representative Keith EllisonKeith Ellison was sworn in the other day as the first Muslim elected to Congress.  And good to his word, he took the oath of office with his hand on the Quran.  Ellison used a copy of the Quran once belonging to former President Thomas Jefferson.


Ellison chose Jefferson’s Quran because it demonstrated “a visionary like Jefferson” believed wisdom could be found in various sources.  What Ellison did not share or perhaps realize was that Jefferson used this Quran to study his Muslim enemies who were raiding American ships in the Mediterranean Sea, and taking the sailors as captives to be sold into slaves.


Thomas JeffersonIt was this same Quran which convinced Jefferson that bargaining, appeasement, nor tribute would satisfy the Muslim invaders.  One of his first acts as President was to muster a military force to go to the Barbary Coast and defeat the Muslims and recapture American men, women, and children who had been sold into slavery.  This is the real story.  And to this very day, Marines still sing “From the Halls of Montezuma to the Hills of Tripoli.”


Read Ted Sampley’s article from the U.S. Veterans Dispatch about the real history behind Jefferson’s Quran.


I continue to be amazed how America’s memory is so short.  We have forgotten our own history.  We have lived so long in relative peace and freedom that we have grown intellectually lazy.  We seem more interested in theoretical debates than living in practical realities.  We have forgotten that ideas and words have life and power.  Other nations understand this, but it would appear tolerance instead of national security is the preeminent topic of the day.  That Islam, not Christianity is the harbor of peace and tolerance in our nation.


In a world espousing tolerance and abhorring hypocrisy, it is hard to intellectually stomach how Islam is peaceful and Christianity and Judaism are divisive.


Jewish Holocaust PictureThe Jewish Nation was established after Jews were almost completely annihilated by Hitler.  The sole intent of creating a Jewish Nation was to secure Jewish safety.  And yet today, Israel remains on high alert because of threats from enemies on all sides.


Christianity has had times in its history when men did things in the name of God and Christ which truly had nothing to do with God.  But, the overarching history of the church is one of love and peace.  Many might wish to point to the Crusades to justify criticism leveled against Christians as being violent and intolerant.  But, let us not forget our history, the Crusades were a period of unprecedented religious violence, but Islam was not an innocent bystander.

Skulls of Tutsi victims of the Rwandan genocide are lined up at a memorial.


Islam, not Christians seek to conquer and establish worldly kingdoms.  Christians believe in an eternal kingdom which will be established by God, not man.  Islam says convert or die, and this has been demonstrated by millions of deaths throughout the history books.  All we have to do is remember the 937,000 who died during April of 1994 in Rwanda.


Christians believe there is only one true God, one Savior (Jesus Christ), and one way to enjoy a relationship with God, that being received by the forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  But, Christians don’t threaten death if the individual disagrees with them.  We believe it is God who saves people not men.  Therefore, if a person believes in Christ as Savior, it is the work of God and not of men.


With Islam, acceptance is demanded.  Refusal, under Sharia Law, means death.  Between these two world religions, I would say that Islam is the less tolerant of the two.  I know some might believe the issue is more complicated than I have made the case, but I think not.


What I believe in my core is that those of us privileged enough to have been born and raised in the United States have lost perspective.  We have lived so long in this wonderful nation of freedom that we have taken for granted that ideas and words have meaning and power.  Instead, many speak and encourage philosophies which when lived out are not only dangerous, they are actually reckless.  We cannot espouse these thoughts theoretically without taking responsibility for the results.


Those who live outside the U.S. believe words and philosophies have power.  These individuals don’t live in theory.  They live in practicalities.  What they say is what they believe.  And I don’t believe Americans understand the reality of the threat which is before us.


Jesus’ Passion

Christians come in the love of God.  Islam comes in the name of hate and death.  Christians offer assistance.  Islam offers Jihad.  Christians offer peace.  Islam offers war.


So, in a world which praises tolerance and abhors hypocrisy, how is it Christians are attacked and Muslims are praised?  It really is hard to tolerate.


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  1. You say:

    Christianity has had times in its history when men did things in the name of God and Christ which truly had nothing to do with God.

    So why won’t you give Muslims the same benefit of the doubt? You say it’s OK for Christians to be deceived by their leaders, but not OK for Muslims? Don’t you think that most Muslims don’t buy into the hate filled rhetoric of their leaders? Or do you think that most Christians believed the Serbs were right in trying to exterminate Muslims? Remember that genocide? It’s pretty well documented.

    Let’s not forget that Hitler was also a Christian.

    And don’t forget the Salem Witch Trials, the many Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and much much more. The Christians had their issues also. Today it’s a war against science, evolution, and homosexuals, as well as every other religion that’s not Christian or Jewish.

    No religion is free from atrocities. Every religion can be twisted to fulfill a hate-filled agenda.

  2. Nimbu,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I agree with you that no religion is free from atrocities and they can be twisted to fulfill a hateful agenda.

    But, we must understand the true difference between Islam and Christianity. Islam’s primary means of propagation as defined by the Quran is conquest. Although many have claimed Christ and his Church to be their inspiration, these born no true evidence of being followers of Christ.

    True followers of Christ follow His teaching, “Love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35

    No other religion teaches of a God who was willing to die to take the punishment we each deserved. God demonstrated His love for us by sending Jesus to die for us. In other religions, the person has to live a life of good works to “earn” paradise. Christianity claims that salvation is God’s act from first to last.

    In my article above, I was not claiming Christianity as superior. I only wanted to point out the hypocrisy of tolerating one religion over and against another.

    I do believe that Christians do have the truth, and that other religions have partial truth, but not enough to gain them salvation.

    Nimbu, one other thing you spoke of was that Christians were at war against “science, evolution, and homosexuals.” But honestly, if we are at war against these things, then it is still a peaceful war. It is a cultural war. But it is not a war which untilizes guns or bombs. It is a war of ideas. And when all is said and done, Christians will not have attempted to physically destroy another life. We respect all life.

    Again Nimbu, thank you for commenting. I pray that I have not hurt you with my words.

    I would like to leave you with one thought. I can tell by your response that you either don’t believe in God or you just don’t care. But there does seem to be some part of you that cares enough to read, investigate, and to comment on articles like mine.

    This shows me that even though you don’t believe in God, God believes in you. I know this because there is no other way you could have any interest in spiritual matters unless God gave you a desire to seek Him out.

    I pray that you will find what you are looking for. I pray that you can find Christ. The real Christ. Not the Christ that people have taken and used for their own gain, but the Christ that says in John 10:11-15

    11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 12 The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. 13 The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. 14 “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me– 15 just as the Father knows me and I know the Father–and I lay down my life for the sheep.

    Nimbu, Jesus knows His sheep, and they will hear Him and follow Him. He is the good shepherd. He loves you, and He laid down His life for you.

    God’s Peace be with you,


    p.s. – Let me know if you would like to talk more. I would be very open to more dialogue.

  3. I do not get what all the fuss is about having a Muslim in Congress… I’m a Jew and I don’t feel threatened at all. I have more on my blog about this at:

    I also blog on being a Jew in a Christian world, with the main theme of can’t we all just get along? Feel free to join the debate at

  4. Christians have joined the 21st century. Alas Islam has not.

  5. You are correct. Christianity has joined the 21st century. I would go a little further though. Christianity, and more specifically the reformation, ushered in the Renaissance and 21st century.

    It was the reintroduction, among other things, of Greek texts of the New Testament that sparked a new interest in theology, the sciences, history, and learning in general which served as a catalyst to move society out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. But this should not come as a surprise. Jesus and the undistorted truth of His Word has always had such an effect in the world.

    It was Jesus who raised the status of women, children, the sick and forgotten in the world, not Mohammed or Allah. It was His words which inspired 12 ordinary men to go to all nations teaching them about the love of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    And it was these same men who were accused of having turned the world upside down with the teachings of Christ in a matter of 30 years. This revolution of sorts which Jesus’ disciples engaged in was accomplished in peace not jihad.

    I believe an honest arguement could be made that if it were not for True Christianity that the world would still be living in a dark and choatic world. Africa has long been known as the “Dark Continent” and for good reason. Most who live their still live in conditions similar to that which Jesus would have been familar with.

    The fact is wherever the Gospel of Christ has florished, so has modern civilization. Christians carry with them knowledge and learning. The entire public education system which we and other modern societies enjoy owes its beginnings to Christianity.

    Our society for years has claimed that Christians are stupid and backward, but the truth is that if it were not for Christians establishing schools so children and adults could read and study their Bible then we would have no modern public school system. The first universities were established to educate ministers. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton were all originally started with the sole purpose of preparing young men for the ministry.

    Men such as John Adams, our first Vice President and second President, who attended Harvard truly considered being pastors. Adams specifically believed that he was called to the ministry, but he finally decided that God could use his talents better in public office instead of preaching.

    The problem is we have forgotten how we arrived where we are. We believe that America’s humanitarian desires stems from some deeper place than a deep belief in Jesus Christ. Some how we have come to believe that out of our own goodness we arrived to be the people we now are. But the truth is we owe everything to Christ.

    If it were not for Jesus, our country and the rest of the modern world would not exist. It is Jesus which has brought clarity and direction to the world. The reason Islam still lives in the dark ages is because their only hope for a better life is to die while defending and proliferating their religion. This is their only hope.

    In Islam, their are no promises of mercy, love, or eternal security. Your only guarantee is to live as best you can and wonder if you will be saved.

    The reason Christianity and Islam are so different is that in Christ you can hope for a better life. Not because of something you have done to earn a better life, but because of what God has done through Christ for you. Christianity is the only system of belief in which God, not you, has paid the debt of your sins.

    Think about it for just a moment. How could any of us ever pay the debt of our sins? Its impossible because as each day passes we sin again. Many times we sin and don’t even know about it. Therefore, instead of trying to earn our way to God, God came to us and said that He would earn our salvation for us.

    This is Christianity. This is our hope. And this hope for a better future has encouraged generation after generation to strive for a better future here and now. This hope creates a spark in the mind to do our best to God’s glory not our own. And our best, has influenced other to try harder too for a better future. But none of this would have begun without Jesus and His Church.

    The world has benefited from Jesus and Christians, but all along most believe they have arrived without any help from others. When in reality, none of this would exist if it had not been for Jesus.

  6. Beautifully and wonderfully said. Thank you.


  7. Thanks for your thoughts VH! Visited your site. Glad to see someone so passionate and spirited about their beliefs, especially since they lean right.


  8. Your welcome.
    I do my best. I liken it to a calling of sorts. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. 😉

  9. Beautiful post Taylor. I have to admit I’ve often seen religion as causing more problems than it fixes but your post made me think.

  10. In Islam there is no compulsion in religion.
    “To you your religion,to me my religion”..Quran

  11. taylor & co i find you amazingly ignorant or know the truth and turn the other eye.
    true their is no compulsion in islam and if their is, who are we or the jews to talk??maybe you should read the MISHNA & GAMORA(jewish torah) and a couple of the 100`S of bibles who clearly contradict each other.
    You will see in the OLD TEST how the jews lead by prophets like Moses orderd the GENOCIDE OF whole citeis including the CHILDREN. Also ligitimising slavery, child abuse( sex with 3 yrs olds), no women rights, stoning to death adultresses, POLYGAMY!, LEIS AND CHEAT TO NON JEWS , calling non jews ANIMALS and children of nidda( filth)…..ect

    if in doubt i will give source and page and chapter.

  12. and MOST IMPORTANT is the hate the jews have for JESUS AND MARY(it was not the muslims who called for his death but HIS own people )
    what is hapening in this world is due to ZIONISTS using their books to lei, steal, kill,and cheat.remember jews are not zionist but zionist are jews.

    BABA KAMMA 37b
    YEBAMOTH 98 a

    SANHEDRIN 106a = mary and jesus
    SANHERDIN 55b & 54b = child abuse
    KETHUBOTH 11b = child abuse

    as for murdering non converts/ non jews= deuteronomy 2:34 & 3:6& 5:2 & 11:24


    STONING ADULTRESSES = DEUT 22:22-24 & JOHN 7:53-58




  13. Lisa,

    Thank you for joining the conversation. I have not turned an eye from the truth. I make no apologies for God’s Word. It is what it is. But, the issue is much more complicated than you make it.

    My first response would be to ask a simple question, “Does Judaism or Christianity (which is the completion of Judaism) still teach these things?” The answer to this question is an emphatic NO.

    My second response would be to ask this same question of Islam, “Does Islam still teach killing, genocide of entire peoples, slavery, no women’s rights, child abuse, death for adultresses, polygamy, lying and cheating non Muslims, and calling all non Muslims animals and sub-humans?” The answer to this would be an emphatic YES!

    My first two responses address the immediate issue of the modern day forms of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Christianity and Judaism have progressed from their ancient forms. Islam on the other hand still teaches and preaches the same violent hate that it did from its earliest beginnings.

    Now Lisa, allow me to address two issues: first the peoples of the Bible (specifically Old Testament), and second, the culture of the ancient Biblical world.

    First the peoples of the Bible:

    What amazes me most about the Bible is the imperfection of its people. Yes, they did horrible things, and yet we have a record of what they did. This speaks to the truthfulness of the Bible. God does not try and whitewash or sanitize the imperfections of His people. Their imperfections in their history is there so we can learn from their mistakes.

    Prior to the Israelites or Hebrews or Jews, the world viewed events as circular. Everything that had happened would happen again. Nothing new ever happened. But with Abraham, he started the world on a new journey. He taught each of us a new way of thinking, that we could learn from our pass that time was linear and not circular. Thus with the Jews we get all these genologies and records of families. This had never happened before. These things were recorded so they could know where they had gone and where they were going. They were also recorded so future generations could avoid the mistakes of past generations.

    So, we should be truly appreciative of God and His people for giving us a true history which included really people so we could learn from our mistakes.

    Second, I want to talk about the culture of the ancient world:

    Lisa, you have in a short paragraph tried to intimidate and exagerate the sins of an ancient peoples who lived nearly 4000 – 6000 years ago. Passing judgment on them is unfair and impossible unless you were able to have lived with them or at the very least understood the times and culture they lived in.

    Lisa, if you studied ancient societies, you would quickly learn from nearly all scholars that the Jews and their laws were actually much less harsh than that of their contemporaries. The Ten Commandments is a great example of this.

    In the ancient world, if a person was accidently hurt or killed, that persons entire family and tribe would be killed, but under Jewish law, only the offender was held responsible. I could give you example after example of how Jewish law was an improvement from what existed prior to it.

    You talk of slavery and abuses toward women, but at least in the context of the times the foreigner and women and children had some protection under the law whereas in other cultures they had no rights and no protection. Instead foreigners, children, and women could be disposed of with no regard.

    So, you see you have way over simplified your case, and have severely misunderstood the context. Judging ancient Israel by today’s standards is not fair. But judging modern Christianity, Judaism and Islam with today’s standards is fair. And in that context, Christianity and Judaism have grown into beautiful peaceful religions which strive to be at peace with others and to serve the world.

    Islam on the other hand seems stuck in the past. It is bent on being at war with the world. You cannot argue against what I am saying because the evidence is clearly seen each night on the news. Islam, not Christianity or Judaism, is sending suicide bombers. Islam, not Christianity or Judaism, is murdering innocent men, women and children.

    Just this past spring immediately after Easter Muslim youths tied up 3 ministers in Turkey and tortured them for 3 to 4 hours. The detail of which are so graphic that I will not even mention it here. The 3 ministers were still living when the police arrived because the Muslim youth had tortured them in such away as to keep them alive as long as possible to inflict as much possible pain and suffering.

    Now that is hate, evil, and barbaric. I have yet to read modern day stories of Jews or Christians doing such things.

    Lisa, I don’t know where your great hatred for Jews and Christians comes from, but please know, we don’t hate you. Christianity teaches clearly in 1 John 4:7-12 that God is love and that we must love one another so the world will know about the love of God.

    God showed us His love by coming to earth as a man, Jesus. Jesus then lived the perfect life which God requires us to live but which we can’t. By living and dying for us, Jesus made it possible to obtain peace with God for us. Jesus lived the perfect life. Jesus died for our imperfect life, and now we can have peace with God if we ask God to accept Jesus’ perfect life in our place. When we do this, we then become sons and daughters of God. We can now be at peace with God, but until we do this, we are His enemy.

    Please consider becoming a friend of God. Please write me and I will be happy to share more with you.

    God’s peace upon you.


  14. All of the references you give, do not occur in todays world.

    There in lies the difference.

    And while we are at it lets compare Christianity and Islam in todays world. Would that not be more relevant?
    Christians in present times do not commit acts of:
    suicide bomb attacks (including the warped 72 virgin reward)
    [BTW Are you aware that when virgin Muslim females are put to death, they are raped by guards for their (supposed) criminal act that led to their sentence, which makes them not worthy do die a virgin.]
    church burning,
    rape in large numbers (ie: European females),
    imprisonment for crimes that should not exist. No freedom of speech in sharia land.
    female genitalia mutilation,
    violent riots:
    set fires (ie:cars etc. France)
    burn embassy’s,
    sell their children into marriage,
    force their children into marriage,
    kidnap – rape – marry ( In that order)
    force conversions,
    or honor kill.

  15. You stated


    Islam says convert or die, and this has been demonstrated by millions of deaths throughout the history books. All we have to do is remember the 937,000 who died during April of 1994 in Rwanda.


    You can lie, but this is the mother of all lies. Either you are ignorant or think we are idiots.

    The massacre in Rwanda is CHRISTIANS massacre. Genocide was commited by CHRISTIAN clergy (from all tribes) in their churches. The Christian Bishops and other clergy members (including NUNS) are now on trial in the Hague.

    No one was killed by a Muslim or in Muslim areas during this massacre. Actually both Hutu and Tutsi sought refuge amongst Muslims.

    That is why more than 1 million Rwandan converted to Islam in the last 14 years.

    If we can lie about something that happened last decade, I think all your facts in your history book deserve to be thrown to the trash can.

    Just listen to this and have some shame

    It is strange that your history book did not give you the conclusion that almost every historian will arrive to, that is

    Genocides/wars and acts of violance committed by CHRISTIANS killed more people than those commited by people from all other world religions combined.

  16. Sam,

    Thank you for joining our conversation. Although some of what you have shared is accurate, you are not sharing the entire story.

    First, allow me to say that many Christians did participate in the murders of innocent Tutsi, and yes, it would seem that even nuns and clergy were involved in some instances as well. Specifically, I have read of 3, but overall we must understand that the events that happened in Rwanda in 1994 were more ethnically and politically driven than religiously.

    It is only as time passes that we are beginning to understand what actually happened. But allow me to draw your attention to what one Muslim representative is saying about the mass conversions to Islam.

    The below quote is taken from a BBC article:
    Sheikh Saleh Habimana, the Mufti of Rwanda, is the representative of the country’s Muslims.

    He says many turned to Islam because Muslims were seen to have acted differently.

    “The roofs of Muslim houses were full of non-Muslims hiding. Muslims are not answerable before God for the blood of innocent people.”

    But after the genocide, converting to Islam was also seen by some as the safest option.

    “For the Hutus, everyone was saying as long as I look like a Muslim everybody will accept that I don’t have blood on my hands.

    “And for the Tutsis they said let me embrace Islam because Muslims in genocide never die. So one was looking for purification, the other was looking for protection.”
    First allow me to point out that many are converting to Islam not because they believe in it, but because they believed it is safer to be Muslim than to be Christian. This was because Christians were the largest portion of those murdered.

    Second, I believe I was incorrect in using the Rwanda genocide as a means of proof against Islam. I based my thoughts on the original reports from the 1990’s. But because of your comments, I did further research, and can now see that the 1994 Rwanda Genocide had little to do with Islam or Christianity. This genocide was ethnically and politically driven. So, please forgive me for my misstatement.

    Although I was incorrect about Rwanda, I am not incorrect about Islam. Islam is a violent religion. Yes, every religion has those who will use it to do terrible things.

    And yes, there have been times when Christianity has been used to carryout evil acts. But if you study Christianity and Islam together, you will soon discover that Christianity has at its core tenants to love and not to harm.

    The two great commandments of Christianity are:

    1. Love God and
    2. Love others as yourself.

    Further, Christianity is not a compulsory religion. I, as a Christian, offer an invitation to be forgiven and accept Jesus out of love to God and to you. Islam on the other hand demands acceptance. Non-believers are infidels and are no better than dogs, and should be killed.

    Christianity acts in kindness and love hoping by showing compassion that people will be drawn to Christ. Islam by its definition means “struggle” which also demonstrates Islam’s means of conversion.

    Christianity tells us we are imperfect and sinners, but it also tells us about a loving God who decided to make it His responsibility to take away our sin by punishing Himself instead. We could never be God, so God became like us so we could become like Him.

    Islam teaches that a person has no hope for an eternal future. A person must die in a holy war to secure true eternal bliss. Otherwise, a person has no guarantee whether Allah will show him wrath or blessings for this life. What kind of hope is that?

    Sam, I don’t know where you are in your search for life and meaning, but I promise you Jesus is a far better choice. Christianity has no need to beat Islam on the battle field because it has already won the hearts and minds of humanity. The only time a person needs to use violence to convince another to convert to a certain religion is when that person knows they have lost the battle for the hearts and minds of others, and therefore, forced violent conversions are the only means left to win the day.

    Please consider Christ, Sam. I would enjoy the opportunity to talk further if you wish.

    One last thing, please don’t call me a liar. I sincerely attempt to be accurate and fair in everything I write. Further, I also try to respect others and not attack them personally. I am happy to strongly discuss and debate issues with anyone, but all of us must attempt to stay away from making personal attacks against each other. When we do this, it makes having open and honest discussion more difficult.

    Again, thank you for joining the conversation. I truly appreciated your imput, and I hope to continue this conversation.

    Your friend,


  17. this is the most stupidest article i have ever read and dont you dare talk about islam like that you pig.

  18. Dear Nameless,

    Thank you for joining our conversation. Unfortunately, your comments have added nothing intelligent to the discussion. Moreover, you have refused to extend the most basic kindness by not sharing your name.

    In the future, please be willing at a minimum to engage in the conversation instead of name calling and threats. Participation in our discussion is a privilege. Any further post of the above nature will be immediately deleted and you will be blocked from this blog and reported for abusive posts to the wordpress administrators.

    Again, thank you for desiring to participate, but in the future, please respond with respect and kindness.

    Thank you,

  19. Islam is the only true religion. It is the religion that leads us to the One God – ALLAH, who is the Sole Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe and everything beyond. It is the religion of Peace, Love, Equality, Fraternity, Justice and above all it is the religion of Surrender. and that means that as Muslims, we all surrender to the will of ALLAH Almighty. We give up the pleasures of this world to attain Paradise in the next. We give up what ALLAH forbids us. We believe in ALLAH, His Messengers, His Books, His Angels, we believe in The Day of Judgement and we believe that Fate (good or bad) is by ALLAH’s will alone. We believe in One God – ALLAH and we obey Him.

    The Holy Quran in the word of ALLAH. I invite u to read The Holy Quran with its English translation and then to decide for yourself. ALLAH says in the Quran “In Islam let their be no compulsion”. u r free to follow the religion of ur choice. Islam was not spread by the sword. Islam was spread through the message of the Holy Quran delivered by ALLAH’s Messenger Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the Holy Quran is the Word of ALLAH Almighty. The various battles u think were fought to ‘spread’ Islam were fought infact to defeat the enemies of the Muslims because they were the ones who were intolerant of Islam and its peaceful teachings. I challenge u to prove in any possible way that Islam preaches violence, intolerance or anything of the kind. U can not attribute violence to Islam simply because there are a handful of extremists out there trying to tarnish and taint the true message of Islam for their personal benefit.

    as someone has so rightly pointed out, Hitler was a christian. and what would u say about the pointless wars waged upon Afghanistan and Iraq by the United States? isnt that battle? isnt that intolerance to u? who gave United States the right to fight somebody elses war for them? if the people of Iraq were unhappy with Saddam, it was their internal issue and the United States had nothing to do with it.

    The United Nations (UN) was formed to prevent a Third Wold War and as we have all witnessed, it is the United States that considers itself exempt from obeying any of the orders of the UN. even though the UN headquarters are in the States.

    there are examples of bad people in every religion and we cannot let such people tarnish our image of a religion whose true values are totally the opposite of that being portrayed by a few extremist and fraud elements.

    lastly, consider urself…. so, are you tolerant? are u non-biased? have u ever seen a true Muslim abuse ur religion? I can confidently say the answer is No. unless u throw dirt at a Muslim, a Muslim will not start the dirty business. but, once u do start, u can expect anyone to retaliate. self-defence is not only a human instinct, it is also a code of the human rights!!! u for one are seriously not tolerant, because u r writing against Islam without even knowing the ABC of Islam. u dont know the true message of Islam. so better so get urself acquainted to Islam even if only for the sake of correct information. it is my challenge to u, u will NOT FIND ANY CONTRADICTION AT ALL IN THE HOLY QURAN. IT IS THE WORD OF ALLAH AND IT IS PROTECTED BY ALLAH. by this I mean that it has been protected from any sort of change of verses or meaning over hundreds of centuries. and do u know the reason for it ? we have Muslims who Memorise the Holy Quran by heart. It is saved in their hearts for their lifetime. and this has been continuing from the time the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to the present time and will continue till the end of this world INSHA-ALLAH.

    cleanse ur mind, widen ur horizons, neutralise ur perspective and go read the Holy Quran. May ALLAH Almighty guide u to the right path, AMEEN.

    and one more thing, u said that a person’s acts are due to God, then tell me, if a guy was to rape ur sister, would it be God’s responsibility? would it be because God wanted him to ? NO. A mans acts are his own doing. and this is the reason he is made responsible for them in this life and in the afterlife when it will be decided who is to enter Paradise and who is to enter Hell. ALLAH (God) only guides us , telling us what is right and wrong , laying down the rules . it is for us to choose the right path and with choice comes responsibility .

    Islam never says believe or die . Islam says “there is no compulsion in religion”. A true Muslim never kills a non-believer if he does not accept Islam. A true Muslim only kills when provoked, that means when a non-muslim insults our religion. Yes, that is unacceptable…. insulting Islam is unacceptable.

  20. if u r bent upon being ignorant, its ur problem. May ALLAH guide u aright, AMEEN. whatever u r saying is complete nonsense. Islam takes pride in the fact that its teachings have not swayed a bit since its beginning. Islam is the One and Only religion that continues to preach the same message throughout the centuries and we are proud of the fact that the message of Islam has NOT a single contradiction. Islam has taught Peace, Love, Equality, Fraternity and Tolerance from day one and will always continue to do so. Islam is the Only true religion, the religion of One God – ALLAH Almighty.

    read the Holy Quran, read the Islamic code of condut, read the Islamic law, then tell us what the real teachings of Islam are. there is crime and lawlessness everywhere in the world, infact more so in the christian and jewish states. Islam is not to be blamed for that. Islam does NOT teach anyone to lie , to harm , to indulge in adultery , to kill , etc etc . Islam teaches to stand up for the truth , to love , to be pure in thoughts, words and actions ….

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and none of ur nonsense writings can change that. go ask Neil Armstrong, Muhammad Ali the boxer, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, Muhammad Yusuf the Pakistani cricketer and the list goes on …. MASHALLAH …. go ask them the reason they REVERTED to the true religion – ISLAM. they call themselves the REVERTS not the converts . mind u .

  21. Jesus (Esa) and Moses (Musa) [May ALLAH be pleased with them] are the Prophets of ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH sent them to convey His message to the people. to bring them to the right path . the path of the One God – the path of ALLAH. show us one place in the Bible or even in the Toraah that shows Jesus or Moses saying that they are God? they never said it . They always preached the worship of One God – ALLAH . it is u n ppl like u who have distorted and tainted their true teachings and diverted people from the right path . y would God punish Jesus for ur sins ? isnt God supposed to be Just and Fair ? y would God need a Son ? isnt God supposed to be “Self-Sufficient” ? y would Jesus be God ? y would God need to have a body made of flesh and bones just like common people ? answer. do u have any answer . NO, u dont.

  22. if u really are in the search for truth , I will not offer u to read a large amount of literature written by Muslims . I will ask u to read only two books , one accepted by all christians and the other accepted by all Muslims. read the bible first. then read the Holy Quran with an authentic english translation . it is my challenge to u , u will find no flaw , no fault with the Quran whatsoever, because the Quran is The Divine Word – the word of ALLAH . Islam does NOT mean ‘struggle’, ISLAM means ‘to surrender to the will of ALLAH Almighty’ . go check the meaning out for urself . The Quran is the only falwless Book in the World , u will NEVER EVER find any contradiction in it .

    if u really and earnestly are in the search of the truth , I invite u to open-heartedly read the Holy Quran . then u can decide for urself , u shall b under no obligation whatsoever. BUT …. atleast get ur facts right . not a single word u’ve spoken against Islam is true . u r simply biased and bent upon false ‘facts’ . can u satisfy ur conscience that way ? without knowing Islam , u talk against it . dont be so ignorant . Jihad – the Holy war is NOT something Muslims have to do all the time . it is fought only when the need arises , when people are bent upon harming Islam , only then . if non-muslims remain peaceful n tolerant , so do the Muslims.

  23. Taylor,

    It has been ages since my post, as i lost the name and site, and just found it written in tiny lettrs upside down on an old book. I have breifly read some of yours and other posts.

    1- Christianity is NOT the continuation of Judaism according to the Jews, and as a convert my self to Islam is exactly because of this ( turning a blind eye to the people who hated & wanted Jesus crucified). This is as much as Christianity & Judaism does not accept Islam as the continuation and correction of Both.

    2- So you accept that the Bible is a NEGATIVE book, seeing you claim you do not follow it. The Book is STILL here, even if the people have stoped following it ? ( which is rubbish in many situations) specially causing the Missery, humiliation, homlesness, genocide of millions of Palestians because of ONE suspected insertion by a scribe US CONDEMED… ” the o called PROMISED LAND” and if so it would not apply to the 70% of European Cinverted Jews, who have NOTHING to do with the SEED.

    3- Not long ago the most civilized Christian countries such as America , Christians were practising SEGRIGATION, BURNING, & BLOWING UP fellow black christians. Church leaders used the Bible to condone thier actions. Look how long it took them to PART civilize. Now you expect an Isolated backward country like Afgan to change in a couple of years. Yes these days we cannot follow what is in all our books. So we should blame the people not the books.
    You think only Muslim countries practice Barbaric things ?, well how about the Christian Africans, masscering each other, or the Hindus murderring the Indian Christians, or the Athiest Chinese killing the Buddist ?.

    So did all Christians & Jews still use their books as an excuse to other people’s missery.& killing, YES
    Do all Muslims follow ancient Sharia,NO

    4- Concerningyou Jewish genologies, there are plenty of lies and errors, the bible is riddled with it, now as you know your Bible i presume you will save me printing them out, but if you wish , let me know. But one Gene issue they refuse to print is their TRUE ancestors the “KHAZARA” a TURKO-MONGOLIAN race from the STEPES / EAST EUROPE who converted via thier King ” BULAN THE BARBARIC”. Their history have just stared to come out due to EX JEWS with concious , like Rabbie Hoffman who comes from one of the most proinant orthadox families.

    The jews forget that their were people in Palestine long before Abraham the present day Iraqi set a foot on CANAAN. Till this day there are Palestinian families ( both Christians & Muslims) with the historic surename CANAAN. You are forgetting a more acurate historical fact than the Bible is called archaeology.
    Now please tell me according to their biblical facts, IS JESUS THE MESSIAH ?? according to their Geneology HE IS NOT, according to the Qran HE IS. sO WHO IS MORE ACCURATE ?

    5- Taylor, i have studied history, and the best way to do it is to travel and ask the peope of the land, not other people’s virsions. I have been to the Middle East, and Africa. You have prooved to me that you have no clue about Christianity or Judaism’s history. WHY ?
    a) you claime that Jewish law is very mild compared t Christianity & Islam i presume., and they do not punish the family of an offencer ?

    ( Genesis 7:23) 16 At that time Menahem, starting out from Tirzah, attacked Tiphsah and everyone in the city and its vicinity, because they refused to open their gates. He sacked Tiphsah and ripped open ALL THE PREGNANT WOMEN”

    ( dueteronmy 2:34)…And we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the LITTLE ONES, of every city, we left none to remain:

    (1 samual 15:3)put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’ ”

    ( isiah 13:16) Their INFANTS will be DASHED to PEICES before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives ravished.

    i will not print the other Dozens of barbaric verses condoning & ordering the masscre of the INNOCENT.

    Now produce one verse in the Quran that Mohammad orders the Masscre of Innocent women & children please. Or even to the same level.

    Do not speak about the 10 commandments as their are 613 not 10. Christians eat pork, worship graven images, and made God a man, something Jews condem.

    6- Now Israel is the most distructive naion and the cause of today;s wars. NO ONE, NO ONE has the right to take other peole;s land, what ever their boks say. Imagine the Native Indians asking for THEIR land back from the American & Christians , Hell they will get it an inch of it. You see thier biiks say it is theirs and the Muslim books say it is thiers, and Geologicaly and racially we can see who are the majority.

    Israel today is the silent Nazis with the largest concentration camp in the world. They killed more Children than any one in the world.( yo may compare the list of children from both sides) Then comes a White Anglosaxon European Jew convert with forged papers claiming a land or house of a palestinian family who has been their for centuries. NO HUMAN RIGHTS.

    7- As for suicide killing, or stabbing… what ever method you use , killing is kiling. They do not have the weapons hat Israeli civilians & army carry around, so they use what ever means they have. When a young child watches his family Murdered with no hope for the future, what do you expect ????. In America you get Kids gong on a suicide masscer just because some one upset them or called them a name, or had a bad day. God look at the differece in childhood, life and orivalages.

    8- before you give me examles of Muslim crimes, check the west crime rate and the differet reasons. i sugest you check the Israeli family who went to Church in Israel and Murdered Christian worshipers, then the government turned round and claimed they were ALL MENTAL !!! now what are the chances of a whole family being mental ?? LLOLL

    9- you ask for a barbaric act by a Chrstian or a jew ? what planet do yo live on ? Have you heard of the SABRA & SHATILA MASSCER of women & children instructed by SHARON ? not even the animals were spared… after all that is what the Bible says ” do not spare any thing that breath”
    How about the Qana Masscre in Lebanon, or the endless Palestinian families masscered by the “UNIFORMED TERRORISTS”

    I do not hate all the jews , as i do not like all the Muslims. please understand that more Jews have died under Christian hands than Muslims and that was in the 20th cen not 3000 yrs ago, not counting the masscer of the native Indians

    10- and last commandment, yes the people in remote/ backward area of the world from all religions who kill according to tradition & religion need to change as it is a discusting thing, but we cannot blame them, they need time. Last i hope America will stop it’s BARBARIC executions of possibly innicent people. This practice is ceased in most 3rd world countries

    God bless, and may Allah/ God/ Elohi open your heart and see the true way of life , without leaving Jesus or Moses

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