Posted by: Taylor | January 23, 2007

Stop Junk Email!

No More Junk Mail Please!I just received an email from a friend.  I appreciated it.  It was thoughtful for him to let me know that he was thinking of me, and I am always happy to get messages from friends.

What I’m not happy about is emails forwarded to me in which it demands me to forward it onto others.  I believe email is a wonderful and powerful tool.  It has the potential of instantly passing an important note along in a matter of seconds to your entire address book.

But, as with anything that has wonderful potential, email can also be abused.  What do I mean by abused?  I specifically mean those who choose to pass on chain emails.  More specifically, I am thinking of people who pass along EVERY chain email.  Whether it is the “Bill Gates will make us rich” or the “This child will die without your prayers.”

Most of these chain emails are either out of date or frauds.  So, please before you pass along another email, show a little restraint.  Forward only mail which is current and relevant to the ones you are sending it.  I would also encourage investigation.  With a minimal amount of effort using google or other websites dedicated to snoping out fraudulent information, anyone can quickly find out whether a message is true or not.

Junk MailI think most agree they are flooded with more news and information than is possible to digest in a day or a lifetime.  So, do us all a favor, and instead of adding to the trouble, be part of the solution.

Finally, I would like to add one further comment concerning an especially aggravating category of emails.  I title them “If you are” fill in blank, “then you will forward this message to everyone you know” emails.

 Examples of this: 

  • “If you are a good American…”
  • “If you love children…”
  • “If you love your family…”

and my all time most disliked one is:

  • “If you love Jesus…”

Allow me to set the recorded straight, I love Jesus, my family, children, puppies, America and its soldiers.  But this does not mean that I’m going to be bullied into forwarding your email messages.

Email picture which encouraged me to write this article.  I received this picture with the instruction that only 7% of people would forward it.  I was then told, “Show your love for Jesus, don’t be part of the 93%.”I do occassionally forward such messages.  Rarely, but occassionally.  Most of the time, I don’t even read these messages because they are not personal in nature.  My friend or friend-of-a-friend has sent me this message either under coersion (i.e. if you don’t sent this) or because they wish to let me know they are thinking of me a little but not enough to take a moment and write me a personal note themselves.

The fact of the matter is that most of these emails are passed on out of guilt and not true concern.  Instead of forwarding these useless messages that most of us don’t want, why not take a moment and write a genuine note of affection to our friends and family.  I promise they will appreciate that much more than a forwarded message with pictures of the puppies, kittens, or whatever you believe says “I love you.”

To assist others in overcoming the urge to forward fraudulent emails, allow me to suggest visiting  This website is dedicated to investigating urban legends and fraud.  They have a powerful search engine which has cataloged thousand upon thousands of fake emails and news postings.  This simple step would possibly eliminate half of the useless emails.

Junk Mail Cartoon

Finally, I need to share with you an urgent email I received just today.  You must read it!  If you don’t…

Have a blessed day,


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  1. AMEN and amen to that – I’ve equally given up trying to educate friends who send me multiple seemingly innocent and sometimes quite enjoyable emails, but which always have the obligatory “Past this on to x friends” – some just say to do so for no good reason, while a few are downright satanic in their curses on you if you don’t! What I tend to do with any which have something that I feel some friend might benefit from or equally enjoy the primary content of, is to always remove that msg from the end of it when forwarding. I’ve even edited Powerpoint presentations to do the same thing, as many of those are beautifully crafted, but WHY the author feels the need to put in the Pass It On msg is beyond me. If the msg is good enough in its own right most will do that anyway, without needing to be made to feel guilty when they don’t. Sadly, what I have noticed is that the people most vulnerable to this kind of targeting, are those who’re new to the internet or email, and haven’t been educated not to comply. The odd time I’ll send one out to ALL my friends, and tell them that if they DARE to send it back to me or tell others that they have to share it for any reason other than personal choice, I will disown them as friends!! Sadly that’s not yet worked LOL!

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