Posted by: Taylor | January 26, 2007

Smallville – Lybyrinth, & The Martian Manhunter!

Martian Manhunter from Smallville Episode Lybyrinth

A little detour from normal content.  I am passionate about many things.  My wife and family, Jesus my Lord and Savior, golf, but there is one other thing which I’m passionate about, friends. 

My best friend is my old college roomate.  We have lunch each week sharing laughs and prayers.  I love him like a brother.  Like all friendships we have things in common.  We think similarly, share a few of the same interest, but most of all, we both love God.

Their is one other thing we both enjoy, Super Heros.

I know this might seem silly for two grow men, but it isn’t.  For both of us, Super Heros represent the best of what we could be.  But more than this, it represents a wealth of communication and connections between us.  Before, we met, I enjoyed some of the sci-fi stuff, but not like I do now.  My friend and his deep love for sci-fi and everything super has added so much to my life and our friendship.

Our conversations might start with Superman, Spiderman (my favorite), or Batman, but they always end with deep meaningful discussions about life, family, and our relationship with Christ.  So, don’t knock-it-’til-you-try-it.

At the very least, find a friend, discover their interest, get to know them, and maybe you’ll discover what I did, there really are Super Heros.

Now to the good stuff!

Smallville’s New Episode, Lybyrinth, aired tonight, and I want to get your opinions.

The martian who saved Clark’s life, will he turn out to be The Martian Manhunter?

Write me and let me know your thoughts, opinions, and speculations.




  1. i know that it is MM and i thought it was a nice break from the normal episode. i think it was well done and had a little of Bryan Singer’s usual suspects to it. i think it was the perfect episode to introduce MM. it was also much better then that Tori Spelling episode.

  2. Yes, the Tori spelling episode was probably one of the worst this year. But otherwise, all the episodes have been a lot of fun and better written.

    After the show was over last night, my wife reminded me that this was not Manhunter’s first appearance. I had totally forgotten about him showing up in Static earlier this season. Originally, I thought that he would turn out to be another zoner.

    But, how much fun to have him appear in this episode by helping Clark out through telepathy?

    Thanks for the comments kastor417. Have a blessed day!


  3. It seems like we posses a great deal in common with one another. I too an am passionate Christian and a ‘superhero geek’. Thanks for the web page and showing me I’m not the only ‘superhero-geek-christian”.

    Go Spidey

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