Posted by: Taylor | February 1, 2007

Tonight On Smallville – “Crimson”

Superman “S” SymbolJust another little bit of fun for all you Superman fans.  Here are a few screen shots of tonights episode of smallville.  We know that Red Kryptonite is involved, so I’m guessing that this is their big Valentines episode.  So, be prepared for skin, sex, and “I’m so sorry; I don’t know what came over me!”

Take a few minutes and read my comments at the end of this post about the episode and the irresponsible underlying message it communicates.

Enjoy the pics!


Lois & Clark at the Watch Tower

Clark & Lois Reckless with Red Kryptonite.

Lex Wedding

The Happiest Day of My Most Evil Manipulating Life!


The Biggest Mistake of My Life.  I Wish They Had Let Me Die Last Year.

Clark & Lois Crash the Wedding

The Wedding Crashers!

Clark & Lex

I Love Her!  So I Won’t Every Tell Her, but Neither Will I Kill You Because Your in the Movie!  This Will Allow the Producers to Continue Using this Sad Love Triangle Plot Forever!

A little fun with these stills.  I think they work pretty well 🙂 ! 

Now to the commentary: 

I’m sure the story will move the plot along some, but after several very good hero type shows, the writers seem to believe they must return to the teenage angst theme.  I get pretty frustrated with this.  These types of shows are better suited for Dawson’s Creek than for a hero.

Heroes should set examples.  Moral dilemas are inevitable, but constantly relying upon the same moral pitfalls demonstrates the character did not learn from his previous situation.  I understand the reason for Clark’s moral failure is caused by kryptonite, but this is just a lazy tactic used by the writers to give Clark an excuse for sleeping with someone.

Moreover, this scenario implies that sometimes forces beyond our control cause us to act in evil ways.  This gives young and old a reason to believe we have no control over our actions.  Actually, this is the prevading philosophy of the day.  It is a recapturing of the old motto, “The Devil made me do it.”


This statement was a lie when it was first spoken, and it is still a lie today.  We are responsible for all our actions.  And until adults and youth both realize this fact, their lives will be lived at the whim of their emotions believing they have no ability to control themselves.

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  1. Greetings Taylor and friends of Super hero’s ;

    Yes, I rather agree with his (your) assessment, I am a Superman, Batman, Fantastic Four Fan of 43 years, and though the audience is mostly younger – I presume, Clark should at least be shown to resistant with greater striving – or something, in order to win this particular “kind of Battle”, and with mind and heart unified and focused enough to demonstrate some sort of proof of his fairly young, but already rather disciplined life, indicating the life He is going to lead – slash the leading of others in these greater ways to come.

    Ken: A one who has ‘had’ to live an extraordinary ordinary life, and inside a scientific miracle of just late.

    Ken; or “Sir Arthur Evans”” (of present, ‘True’ “Helena’s Troy”)

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