Heroes Season Finale – How To Stop An Eploding Man; A Big Let Down!

Ultimate BattleHeroes has been a runaway success.  The stories have been great, the characters interesting, and the ongoing plot kept everyone on the edge of their seats.  But the final episode was a huge let down.

For nine months the series built to this one episode, and for what, five minutes of the ultimate battle between good and evil.  Don’t get me wrong, the story told last night was good, but it lacked the one thing everyone was wanting, a great fight between the good guys and the one really bad guy. 

Yes, they did a good job in preparing us for next season.  And yes, they did wrap up the season with a good feeling because “love won.”  But for all the good they did, the writers still did not pay off all of the audience’s patience.  If they wanted to do all they did in last nights episode, they should have either made it an hour and a half or two hour finale.  Giving only five minutes to these two titans of power is inexcusable.

Further, Sylar should have died.  They did not give any conclusive evidence that he is actually dead.  Hiro, once he stabbed him, should have turn around and finished the job by removing his head.  The end of the scene left you with the idea that the others were completely oblivious to Sylar.  It appeared that he escaped through the sewers.  If he was still alive, why didn’t one of the other heroes finish the job, or at least, stop him from escaping. Continue reading


Jerry Falwell, More Alive Now Than Ever!

Jerry FalwellEarly this morning Pastor Jerry Falwell past away at the age of 73.  I never met the man personally, but I knew him well.  He loved Jesus with a passion few others have demonstrated in their lives.  He was uncompromising in his faith to Jesus our Lord, and unwavering in his pursuit to share the gospel so that all men might know God.

Pastor Falwell had many critics.  I have always thought of him as a modern day Peter because of his bold and unflinching convictions (he also had a tendency to allow his mouth to get him into trouble too).  So, I was not surprised to read and see the coverage of his death to be so blatantly hostile towards him.  In fact, many websites and blogs today are celebrating his death.  Seeing his passing as some sort of victory.

This celebration reminds me of those in Palestine celebrating immediately after 9/11.  America was reeling from these attacks, but the people in the Gaza Strip were celebrating the death of 3000 Americans.  I find it sad that such hate can live in those who claim to be so tolerant and understanding.  The jubilant think they have finally defeated a might enemy and that the war is over and they have won. Continue reading