Posted by: Taylor | May 22, 2007

Heroes Season Finale – How To Stop An Eploding Man; A Big Let Down!

Ultimate BattleHeroes has been a runaway success.  The stories have been great, the characters interesting, and the ongoing plot kept everyone on the edge of their seats.  But the final episode was a huge let down.

For nine months the series built to this one episode, and for what, five minutes of the ultimate battle between good and evil.  Don’t get me wrong, the story told last night was good, but it lacked the one thing everyone was wanting, a great fight between the good guys and the one really bad guy. 

Yes, they did a good job in preparing us for next season.  And yes, they did wrap up the season with a good feeling because “love won.”  But for all the good they did, the writers still did not pay off all of the audience’s patience.  If they wanted to do all they did in last nights episode, they should have either made it an hour and a half or two hour finale.  Giving only five minutes to these two titans of power is inexcusable.

Further, Sylar should have died.  They did not give any conclusive evidence that he is actually dead.  Hiro, once he stabbed him, should have turn around and finished the job by removing his head.  The end of the scene left you with the idea that the others were completely oblivious to Sylar.  It appeared that he escaped through the sewers.  If he was still alive, why didn’t one of the other heroes finish the job, or at least, stop him from escaping.

Peter Exploding

Finally, the whole concept of Peter having to explode seems ridiculous.  In an earlier episode, the invisible man had stopped Peter from exploding by simply knocking him out.  Why didn’t someone come up and hit him in the head and knock him out?I propose the writers should have had Peter completely lose control of his powers.  The other heroes could have tried to knock Peter out, but their attempts would have been for nothing because Peter’s other abilities would have reacted on protective instinct, not allowing him to be hurt.  This would have created the need for Nathan to help Peter fly away to protect the city from him exploding.

I did like the fact that Nathan came back to help his brother.  I liked the emphasis on the love between brothers and the love and compassion necessary to be a true hero.  These are important characteristics we all can strive to have. 

Love and compassion are qualities which God has demonstrated toward us.  It was love and compassion He demonstrated through Jesus by sending Him to earth to die for us so we might live through Him.  And Peter and Nathan both demonstrated great love and compassion by willingly sacrificing their own lives to save others. 

Stories like these need to be told.  We all need to remember that “greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”  Take a few minutes and tell me your thoughts about the final episode of Heroes.  What will happen next, and who will still be with us next year?  Peter?  Nathan?  Sylar? 

Enjoy the summer.  Read a book or write one, but use the love, compassion, and the great gifts of creativity God has given you to bless others.



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  1. You said that in an earlier episode, the invisible man knocked peter out to stop him exploding.

    In fact, the invisible man actually knocked peter out, because he was seeing into the future and losing it a bit, not because he was going to explode. And, he couldn’t have exploded then because he didn’t poses that power yet, he gained that power when he met Ted Sprague a few episodes later.

    Also, i think that all three (Peter, Nathan and Sylar) will be alive, because in one of the episodes where Hiro and Ando go to the future, they meet all three but, i think Sylar will kill Nathan, to get Claire’s regeneration power. That way he will become indestructable.

  2. Shah, thanks for the sharing.

    I’ll have to go back and look at that episode. I think you’re right, but I did think Peter was doing more than just freaking out over a vision. But, it would not make sense that Peter could explode prior to being near Ted.

    Although, I still believe that knocking him out as an option should have been explained away. You can’t explode if your knocked out.

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