Posted by: Taylor | June 11, 2007

Support Fred Thompson

Fred ThompsonThings Not Seen is excited to announce their support for Fred Thompson as the Republican Presidential Candidate.  Although Thompson has not officially announced that he is running, we believe an annoucement could come as soon as July 1st.  Please join TNS in supporting Thompson.  We have added a link here and a widget at the bottom which will enable you to contribute to his Presidential campaigne.

Thank you and God’s Peace!

Taylor W. Kendrick, Editor

I'mWithFred - Contribute Now



  1. I don’t know enough about Fred Thompson to speak to his cadidacy, and I am too busy trying to bone up on the other slew of frontrunners.
    I will say this. The day I vote another republican in office, is the day…freezes over. What a mess.

  2. Slivermoon22,

    Thank you for you comments. I hope to have biographical information about Fred Thompson in the future. Please return at that time so you can become better aquainted with him and his candidacy.

    Further, I would agree with you that the political situation in Washington is a mess. I personally have little hope that any of the candidates can change the climate as long as they continue to be self-serving instead of public servants.

    At the same time, we must all choose someone to vote for. I believe Fred Thompson is a good choice. We must be part of the solution instead of the problem.

    One last thing, concerning democrats vs. republicans. I don’t believe the democrats have anything concrete to offer our country. They have nothing to offer in the way of national defense, and they offer nothing when it comes to a moral standard.

    It has been their entire intent to obtain power of the government at all cost. They have pursued this even to the total distruction of lives and our civil government.

    They are the epitomy of selfishness and self-interest. The republicans have not done much better, but I do believe with proper leadership and self sacrifice they can be turned around. I don’t hold out such hope for the democrats.



  3. Coming a bit late to this debate, but I have to agree with Taylor here. The Dems are very self-serving and have put winning elections above the best interests of the country, to the point that they are doing everything in their power to ensure a defeat for this country in the midst of a war, which will have devastating long-term consequences. And one never knows where they truly stand as they say whatever the polls tell them the people want to hear. They have no core principles, except gaining power by whatever means necessary, whatever the cost to the country.

    Bush may have made mistakes, but all Presidents do and mistakes will be made in any war. I think Bush is to be admired for sticking to what he knows is in the best interests of the country despite the polls, and I think history will vindicate him. Following polls is the opposite of leadership.

    But rooting for one’s own country’s defeat so as to gain domestic political advantage is beyond shameful. It plays right into our enemies’ hands.

    While it’s true there are some self-serving Republicans, too, there are also many principled politicians in the GOP. By contrast, when the rare principled Democrat stands up for his convictions (Joe Lieberman), he is railroaded out of the party. The GOP purges out those politicians exposed as corrupt, while the Dems circle the wagons to protect their rotten apples, even as they oust those with integrity.

    I like Fred Thompson, but I’m not sure he has what it takes to win. I think Rudy may be the only GOP candidate who can beat Hillary, and I think he would make a good leader and Commander-in-Chief during these dangerous times. But, if Fred Thompson were to win the nomination, I would wholeheartedly support him. I think he’d make a decent president, too.

    As for a 2nd Clinton presidency, I think it would be the ruin of this country. They are, by far, the 2 most unprincipled, self-serving individuals in an unprincipled, self-serving party.

    This from someone who used to be a Democrat. BC (Before Clinton).

  4. Gregg,

    Thanks for you comments. Great point about Joe Liberman. The Dems don’t want any dissenters, and Lord help you if you do.

    I’m imagining that the democratic race is going to get even uglier. No one is going to stand in Hillary’s way of the White House.

    The republicans can win this thing if they decide to join together. But for that to happen, someone has got to stand up and take the lead in the republican party. We are a party who has lost its way. The car is going down the road by no one is driving. Someone much jump into the drivers seat, tell everyone to sit down and be quiet, and lead our party with a unified purpose and message. If that does not happen, then we are openning the door for the dems to walk right in and take the White House without even a fight.

    Who can do this? I don’t know. Rudy does have good leadership skills, but I don’t know if he can unify the party. Fred Thompson I believe can unify the party, but can he get elected?

    What I do know is that the next year or so will be very interesting, and an all out cage fight for the Presidency.

    Personally, I want to see a republican candidate who will come out and put forward a plan and then execute it. I still believe if someone would come out and truly serve the country instead of self, then that person could be elected.

    Thanks again for your thoughts Gregg!


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