Posted by: Taylor | June 14, 2007

Ruth Bell Graham Dies at Age 87

Ruth GrahamAt 5:05 p.m., Ruth Bell Graham went home to Heaven to be with Jesus her Savior.  All who have been impacted by the ministry of Reverend Billy Graham owe much to her for his ministry.  Her self-sacrificing ministry to her husband and family is what allow Dr. Graham to travel and preach the Gospel of Jesus with confidence and authority.  Dr. Graham knew his family was safe and well cared for because Ruth was home doing the job of two.

Thank you Mrs. Graham.  Thank you for being a simple modest wife, mother, and woman.  Thank you for loving Jesus more than loving your husband.  Thank you for trusting Christ with Billy, your marriage, and family.  Thank you for living a life worthy of praise, but declining to accept it.  Thank you, we love you, will miss you, and look forward to a wonderful reunion.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you Dr. Graham.  Thank you too for being the man of God God created you to be, and the husband your wife needed you to be.  We love you and grieve with you over your loss and Heaven’s gain. 

God’s peace and blessings be with you!

Taylor W. Kendrick, a pastor, husband, and father

Click Here to read the AP article about Mrs. Graham’s life and passing.


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