Posted by: Taylor | August 16, 2007

Practicing the Love of God, Romans 12:9-21

love-one-another2.jpgGod’s love is so amazing.  And yet, we are so poor when it comes to showing others this amazing love.  Look with me today at Romans 12:9-21.  Paul in response to God’s love shares with us ways to practically live out the love of God before others.

Practical Love

Romans 12:9-21 

Focus Verse:  Romans 12:16

Be in agreement with one another.  Do not be proud; instead, associate with the humble.

David was an awkward kid in our youth group.  He was overweight, had long fingernails, and greasy thin hair.  He wore thick glasses and had a peculiar laugh.  I always felt sorry for him.  Most of the kids were nice to him, but they really didn’t want to hangout with him.

I would always try and talk to him for a few moments, but most of the time I never understood what he was talking about or where he was coming from.  After a few initial words, the conversation would end, and I would quickly and gladly move on to my friends.

I remember David, but not because he was odd.  I remember him because he asked the prettiest girl in our school to Homecoming one year.  What courage!  What bravery!  What an idiot!  At least that is what I thought until Carol said yes.

David was bold, but Carol was God’s love and grace.  Carol was the prettiest girl, but her beauty was found in how she loved others.  She lived Romans 12:16.  She willing gave of herself in gentleness, kindness, and love to those of low position.  She proved that her love was sincere, without hypocrisy, and that she always saw through to the good and the best in others.

Romans 12 gives us a practical list of “How to love one another.”  But the reason we should love needs to be understood.  Verse 1 gives us that reason; God has shown us mercy.  Therefore, we too should show God’s mercy and love to others.  Carol knew this and beautifully demonstrated her love for God by loving others.

Real Choices:

It is often hard to love others who are different than us.  But in God’s eyes, we all are unlovable until we come to faith in Christ.  Yet even while we were unlovable, He sent Jesus to die for us.  Have you had a proud attitude because you think you are better than someone else?  Find a way to serve that person today.

Digging Deeper:

Look at Luke 22:24-27 & John 13:1-17.  The setting is the night before Jesus dies.  How does He spend His last evening with His disciples?  How does Jesus show His love?  How can you follow His lead?


Jesus, thank you loving me before I loved or knew you.  Help me to love others by serving them. 



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