Nick Saban The $4 Million Coach

The University of Alabama has the first $4 Million university football coach in history.  Here is a little break down of how well they have spent their money.


Let’s all send Alabama a thank you note for allowing all of us to have something to be thankful for at thanksgiving this year.

War Eagle!  Happy Thanksgiving!  See y’all at the Iron Ball!


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4 thoughts on “Nick Saban The $4 Million Coach


    I can’t wait until this weekend, when it becomes 6 losses for Bama this year and the 6th win for Auburn in the Iron Bowl!

  2. I LOVE this picture! It never gets old! As a BAMA fan we took a lot of heat for hiring Coach Saban at that price. It’s a shame he’s not still the highest paid coach in college football! The man definitely deserves it — a he’s earned a boat-load of money for the athletic department and continues to do so, and has just brought home ALL the hardware for an amazing season! ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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