Where There is no Vision…

wasteland.jpgI rarely write political pieces although I think about politics a lot.  Today I am making an exception because as I continue to look across the political landscape of the United States all I see is a ravaged wasteland.  I see two political parties striving with themselves and each other.  I see opportunists seeking public service, but all they want is to grab power.  I see a nation wanting to see and believe the best about humanity but finding little evidence for it.  I see a people hoping the great experiment called the United States which begun 233 years ago can still have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people that works.  I see a people without a vision…

Why are we where we are today?  How have we lost our way?  We are called the land of promise, America, and the United States.  But, we are far from united.  We have “red” states and “blue” states.  We have rural America and suburban America.  We have African, Native, Asia, and Latino American.  Whatever happened to being American?

“United we stand, divided we fall.”  That was a bedrock statement of truth in the past, but now in our postmodern society statements like this are up for debate.  Many might even argue that division is good.  Division invites diversity, tolerance, and an opportunity to learn from one another.  All these thoughts have a hint of truth in them, but they also neglect another reality of division.  Division seperates.  Continue reading


Where are all the Boys?

Dr. Albert MohlerAllow me to call to your attention to an article I recently read by Dr. Al Mohler.  His article, Is Matriarchy the Shape of the Future?, continues to verify a disturbing trend I started noticing during the 1990’s.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, men have been portrayed in the media and society as irresponsible overgrown children.  While their counterparts, women, during the same time have been shown as hard working responsible leaders of families, communities, and businesses.  I believed the results of such depictions would eventually have a detrimental effect on men.

Mohler’s article describes a cultural shift which has already taken place.  Female to male college enrollment and degrees earned demonstrates my growing concern for men.  I am proud for the advancement women have made in society, college, business, and politics.  But, I am also deeply concerned about our sons and young men whom seem to be getting left behind. Continue reading