Where are all the Boys?

Dr. Albert MohlerAllow me to call to your attention to an article I recently read by Dr. Al Mohler.  His article, Is Matriarchy the Shape of the Future?, continues to verify a disturbing trend I started noticing during the 1990’s.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, men have been portrayed in the media and society as irresponsible overgrown children.  While their counterparts, women, during the same time have been shown as hard working responsible leaders of families, communities, and businesses.  I believed the results of such depictions would eventually have a detrimental effect on men.

Mohler’s article describes a cultural shift which has already taken place.  Female to male college enrollment and degrees earned demonstrates my growing concern for men.  I am proud for the advancement women have made in society, college, business, and politics.  But, I am also deeply concerned about our sons and young men whom seem to be getting left behind.

I cannot find one particular reason which is the cause of this disturbing trend.  I do believe it is reasonable to say that while our young women have garnered much extra attention in education, career development, and public support and policy for social advancement, young men are being overlooked.  I remember as a child hearing about girls not being as good in math and science.  Now statistics are showing that young ladies are out performing young men in both of these subjects. 

Is this because girls have suddenly become better math and science students than boys?  No.  But the girls have had special programs, advertising campaigns, and gender specific clubs developed to help them better develop these skills.  Is this wrong?  No.  But, during the same time, were boys granted these same opportunities.  No. 


The argument was that boys already had an advantage just by the nature of our society.  Society has now changed, and it hasn’t taken generations to see the effects on our young men.  Twenty years later and the numbers show a story that should concern everyone.

I would contend anytime one gender, race, or social class is given advantages and preferential treatment over another that our society is harmed.  It is time we recognize that the future is today.  We must save our sons and daughters.  We cannot left up one without harming the other.  Therefore, we must educate and give the same opportunities to both girls and boys.

How do we do this?  Allow boys to be boys, and girls to be girls.  Allow boys to have boy clubs without it being a sexist thing and allow girls to have girl clubs.  Understand that men and women are different and stop trying to force women to be more like men and men to be more like women. 

It seems to me I once heard something about celebrating our differences.  This is what we must now learn to do with men and women.  There is nothing wrong with differences.  We have been created different, and somehow I believe those differences are meant to be a benefit to each other.

For the time being, a stronger emphasis needs to be placed on reminding men what it means to be a strong godly man.  A real man is a family man, a responsible man, a leader, a protector, and a provider.

Please take time to read Al Mohler’s article.  It will open your eyes, and bring you to your knees for our sons and daughters.

God’s peace and blessings to you,


Copyright © January 2008 by Taylor W. Kendrick

All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author.


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