Posted by: Taylor | July 13, 2011

A Prayer at the Grave of Lazarus

Father, your compassion toward our plight as frail, weak, sinners who are all doomed to death is amazing.  We deserve our punishment, and yet you do not wish it upon us.

I wonder…when Lazarus died, what was it that made you cry?

Was it his death?  A death of a close friend?  Yes…

Was it the reality of death?  Pain, suffering, loss?  Yes…

Was it the rememberance of the 1st death?  The first garden, no corruption, physical and spiritual death?  Yes…

But, I also think you cried because of another death…the death of a relationship, and friendship, and all that that death signified.  Death is destruction. Death is the result of sin.  Death is saying, “I don’t need God,” in Jesus’ case, “I don’t need you!”

I wonder…when Jesus wept did He weep only with compassion and empathy, or did He also weep for the lost relationship with humanity, His own creation.

Thank you Father for valuing that which we don’t, and loving that which does not deserve it.  Forgive me Lord for not loving and treasuring those things which you do.  Help me today to love as you love and treasure what you treasure.  I love you…

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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