Democrats not Gop Wages Real War Against Women

It is insane for the democrats to claim that the GOP is waging war against women. The democratic party has been waging war against women for the past 40 years in the form of legalized abortions. 40+ million children have been aborted since abortions became legal.

One could claim that at least half of these babies would have grownup to be health, active women. Now if that is not waging a real war against women, I don’t know what is. In fact, in real war there are deaths. What deaths have occurred against women in this supposed war the GOP is conducting? None! But, in the democratic and liberal led real world, 40 million children have been murdered for a matter of convenience. This does not even calculate in the millions of ruined lives and emotional scars caused by this evil, murderous action.

So, let’s not kid ourselves, the real war being conducted is agsinst life, humanity, liberty, women, children, and families. The republicans are not against life or liberty or women. They are for freedom. Freedom of religion is one of our first liberties, and the very reason this country was colonized and founded.

Just because the republications don’ t believe womens healthcare or anyones healthcare for that matter is a national right or government responsibility, it doesn’t mean they are waging a war against women or any other group. It simply means that they believe like most Americans that the government has no busy running our lives or telling how to live.

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