For the Love of Words

Writing is like breathing.  It must be done to live.  Writing and breathing are not optional. To live is to breath and to breath is to think and live and write.  To write is to put thought to page and ideas in motion.

Writing is more than expressing ones self.  I can share thoughts and emotion verbally and visually, but once it’s out…it’s gone.  But, the written word remains…it stays…it lingers and expresses itself again and again with passing years.  The written word opens itself up to multiple interpretations and insights into the authors intent and personality.  It also reveals landscapes, imaginary places, smells, and long forgotten memories.  It takes us to personal places which none have gone before, and invites us into the mind and soul eager to be known and seen…yet only in small and intimate ways.

Writing is like breathing.  It is life and gives life to the one who writes and receives what has been written.  So…write something…today!  Live…breathe…write!