Posted by: Taylor | November 23, 2013

Post Transplant Update # 3:

Bethany slept well last night.  She’s been having trouble with her blood pressure, so we gave her something different for pain and her anxiousness.  This helped her blood pressure to come down.  It also helped her to sleep.

This morning the P’T came by and helped Bethany get into a chair.  She’s been sitting in her chair for about an hour and half.  She has slept most of the morning away in bed and her chair which is good because her pain is still very intense.

Please continue to pray for pain relief, more movement, and rest.  Please also pray for her GGT levels.  This is a liver enzyme which has been rising the last two days.  It usually indicates inflammation.  Please pray that this number will go down.

All of Bethany’s other numbers continue to improve.  Her doctors believe the GGT elevation has risen because we haven’t gotten her anti-rejection medications levels high enough yet.  We’ll continue adjusting these meds until we get a fix on what Bethany needs to keep her new liver stable.

Thank you again for your notes and prayers!  I’ve been reading your notes to Bethany.  These have had a calming effect on her which has helped her not be as anxious about her pain.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Joanthan


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