Posted by: Taylor | November 25, 2013

Post Transplant Update # 5:

Bethany is out of surgery.  She did well.  We are back in her picu room, but they have not brought her back to the room yet.

We talked with her doctor.  In his words, he wasn’t real satisfied with what he found.  Everything looked good.  The liver looked good, the bile ducts looked good, and everywhere they had attached the new liver looked good.

He did put a stint in and shot dye up into all the bile ducts to ensure that everything was open.  Everything looked good.  No bile leakage or collected in the liver, intestines or bowels.

The doctor did take a tissue sample of her new liver to check for infection, inflammation, or rejection.  Right now Bethany has him scratching his head, but he hopes the biopsy will reveal something.

Right now, what is going on with Bethany doesn’t really match up with normal circumstances.  It doesn’t match rejection nor bile leakage or bile being stunk in the liver.

We won’t hear back from the tissue sample for 24 hours.  Until then, please pray for revelation as to what is going on with Bethany.  If it is an infection of cholangitis or rejection, they have great medications to deal with this.  What we don’t want to hear is that Bethany’s new liver has begun to re-infect with primary sclerosing cholangitis.  That is possible, but not likely.  In fact, her surgeon has never seen that happen before, but it is a concern.

That is about all I know now.  Please continue to pray for her recovery.  Bethany was very anxious about having to go back to surgery because her recovery has been so hard.  She continues to be in a lot of pain, but before this surgery she was starting to really move around very well.

We continue to have so many people reach out to us in prayers, notes, and calls!  Thank you!  It means so much.  We have a calmness and comfort knowing that God is in control.  Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep everyone up-to-date.

We love y’all!  Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, & Jonathan



  1. Hello was wondering what the link was to her caringbridge website! This is Laura, one of her nurses that took care of her during her stays at Children’s and also part of the Hunter Street family. Praying for her daily, and hoping for a great recovery!

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