Posted by: Taylor | November 27, 2013

Post Transplant Update # 6:

The last 36 hours Bethany has made some great advances.  She has started walking, her central line is coming out as I write this, and we will be moving out of picu in a couple of hours.  Bethany has also been released to eat.  Yeah!  She hasn’t eaten since last Tuesday.

Bethany 2nd surgery she had on Monday went very well.  At the time, we did not find out much.  The surgeon redid some of the liver connections, but he was unable to find any visual reasons for her elevated GGT.  He did take tissue samples of her liver.  These samples showed some of the bile was getting stuck in the liver.  It also showed that Bethany is not in rejection!  Her liver is doing great!

Yesterday, Bethany’s GGT began coming down.  It is still very elevated, but it continued to drop today.  Her surgeon believes by relocating one of her liver connections that it helped to open up the bile duct to allow the bile to flow through.  This seems to be the case since her GGT and the rest of her liver numbers are improving.

Bethany still has a lot of pain associated with her surgery.  Each day she seems to be making improvements.  Today she walked to the nurse’s station and back, and she has also been able to make it to the restroom on her own twice!

Our next big milestone will be eating.  Bethany is ordering her food now.  She has asked for Frosted Flakes, blueberry muffin, and a cinnamon bagel with strawberry cream cheese.  These are all great signs of healing.

We are so thankful for all these improvements, and ask that you continue to pray for Bethany’s recovery.  Please continue to pray especially for Bethany’s pain management, sleep, and titrating Bethany off all her pain medications.  She’s been on pain meds since July.  

We are also so thankful for the donor and their family.  They have given Bethany this wonderful opportunity to have a healthy life.  Please remember them too during this time of their grieving.  Pray they can give God praise for the lives their loved one has been able to save by donating their organs.

Thank you again for everyone’s continued prayers.  God is faithful all the time!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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