Posted by: Taylor | November 29, 2013

Post Transplant Update # 7:

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Bethany’s liver numbers continue to look really good!  Everything is trending down, and prayerfully soon, her numbers will be normal.  We have been able to remove all of Bethany’s iv’s except her main port.  The surgeon just left a few moments ago after removing Bethany’s last drain.  We are also lowering Bethany’s pain medicine today.  Praise God for new life and 2nd chances!  We are all so thankful!

I think we are still adjusting to a new healthy Bethany.  After 11 1/2 years of sickness, we all need to do a reset on what is ahead.  Bethany still has a long recovery ahead, but the prognosis is very good!

Right now, her biggest obstacle is pain.  If she had come to transplant with no pain, then pain would not be a big issue.  But since she’s had pain since July, we now have the task of calming down those pain receptors and weening her off heavy pain medication.

The illustration I use when describing why Bethany continues to have intense pain is a hammer.  If someone came to you and started hitting you with a hammer on the head for say 7 months, this would hurt, and maybe you could learn to tolerate it.  Now let’s say that the hammer is taken away and the person is not allowed to hit you anymore on the head.  The cause of the pain has been removed, but you’ll still have pain because your head still needs to recover.

Now let’s say that same person gets the hammer back and begins hitting you on the foot.  You still have pain from the blows to your head, but now you also have a new source of pain.  Even though you might have built up a high tolerance to the head pain, the added pain from the blows to your foot begins to overwhelm you and your nervous system.  Basically, your body just says, “I can’t handle anymore!”

This is where Bethany is now.  She is making good progress, but at the same time she still hurts a lot and we are trying to ween her off her pain meds.  We have started Bethany’s rehab (walking and moving) and the reduction her of pain medication.  This next week will be very busy for her.  Her pain will be reducing, but it will also increase because of all the activity.

How to pray:

  1. Pray for no infections from stitches or where her drains were located.
  2. Pray for continued improvements in Bethany’s liver numbers.
  3. Pray for pain management especially as we begin to lower Bethany’s pain medications.
  4. Bethany has set a goal of being home in Birmingham by Wednesday, Dec. 18th.  Please pray that Bethany will make continued progress in her recovery so we can make this goal or beat it.
  5. Continue to remember the donor’s family during the holiday season, and give God praise for His provision of new life to so many people.

We give great thanks to our great God who supplies all our needs!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Blessings to you during this great season of Joy and Thanksgiving!
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan

2 Cor. “Now is the Time!”


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