Posted by: Taylor | December 1, 2013

Post Transplant Update # 8:

Today, Bethany has been unhooked from all iv medications! Awesome!

We are steadily moving Bethany toward all oral pain medications.  This process has been very difficult for Bethany.  Last night we really didn’t get much sleep, but the amount of pain medication Bethany is getting/needing is decreasing.

Right now, Bethany and I are in the library at Children’s hospital.  When we started to leave her room a few moments ago, Bethany looked at me and asked with a very mischievious smile if we could leave the hospital for some Chinese food.  She was quite taken with the possibility of leaving the hospital for a few minutes.  Saddly, I asked pemission, and we were denied.

But, this is a great sign that Bethany wants to leave the hospital.  She continues to make great improvements.  Today her doctor told us that her platelet count had improved tremedously.  Prior to surgery her normal platelet count ran from 50,000-70,000.  This morning her platelet count was 124,000!  This is wonderful news!

This means that Bethany’s liver and spline are really working well.  It also means that Bethany’s formally enlarged spline is beginning to resize itself back to a more normal size!  Yeah!

Thank you for all the prayers you continue to pray for each of us.  Please continue to remember to pray for Bethany as we remove pain medications and as she adjusts to her pain.  Please also pray for sleep.  The nights are the hardest time for everyone.  Pain is more intense, and nerves are more frayed.

Finally, Bethany asked that you remember the donor and their family.  We are so thankful for this new opportunity for Bethany, but as we all know, it comes at a great cost to another.  Please pray for peace and comfort for this precious family especially as it is the holiday season.

Looking forward to returning home soon, maybe even before Christmas and seeing everyone.  We love you!

Taylor, Angela, Bethany, & Jonathan


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