Going Home for Christmas!

It has been a week since my last update, and it has been a very busy week.  We have had many test, appointments, visits from old friends, new friends, and family.  Bethany and Jonathan got to spend the night with their uncle, aunt, and cousin, and Angela and I got a couple of hours to ourselves.  All in all its been a good week.

But today, we found out that we may go home for Christmas!  Awesome!  We really did not know what the verdict would be until mid-afternoon whether we would be able to definitely be going home or not.  Since then, we have been frantically trying to pack.

We will be home for Christmas, but we will have to return this Friday for more testing.  All of Bethany’s numbers are improving, but they continue to be sporadic.  If her tests on Friday are good, then we will be allowed to return home until Jan. 2 for more tests and a clinical visit.

We are all super excited about coming home.  Bethany has continued to heal well which has made all of us quite homesick.  Bethany’s liver is still recovery from this last bout with rejection, so we must remain diligent to keep her healthy, take her medications as prescribed, and stay fervent in watching those liver numbers and anti-rejection numbers.

Prayers & Praise!

  1. Praise to our Father for healing!  We give great praise to God for Bethany’s good progress in healing.  We can see improvements daily, and we are all so pleased.
  2. Pray that we can get Bethany’s anti-rejection medication dosages just right.  We are currently adjusting them 1mg at a time.  Bethany seems very sensitive to dosage changes.  1mg up this past week sent her rejection medication way high which caused her severe headaches and tremors.  1mg down a week and a half ago caused her rejection levels to fall so low that Bethany actually experienced a mild case of rejection.  Getting these dosages just right is critical to Bethany’s ongoing care.  It will also determine how often and long we will need to be in Atlanta.  Just Friday, her doctors were suggesting that we needed to remain in Atlanta for another 3-4 weeks, but since she showed such good improvements, we are cautiously being allow to go home.
  3. Pray for our transition home.  We are all super excited about being home, but we have also been away for 5 weeks.  I know we will have much catching up to do on many things.
  4. Visits.  I can imagine many will want to visit with Bethany and us once we are home.  We want to see everyone, but visits might have to wait.  We are all tired and Bethany is on a lot of medication which suppresses her immune system.  We have to protect her and her new liver as though she had no immune system.


What does this mean?  It means if you are sick or think about getting sick, please call, email, text, write, or send smoke signals.  We can’t let Bethany get sick.  Bethany can go out, but she needs to avoid high concentration of people (i.e. – no Sunday school for many months).  She can go to church, but she must sit away from big groups.  Please be patient and pray for patients for all of us as we learn how to best care for Bethany and her new liver.  We really are excited about being home and seeing everyone, but we will need to take it slow.

Thank you can never say enough for all the ways your prayers and support have carried our family through this past year.  I know only eternity will reveal all God has accomplished through your prayers and kindness on behalf of our family.  I deeply pray that we all see eternal differences.  I pray people that none of even know will come a greet us with greeting of thank you for how you prayed, shared, and gave.  Its because of what God did through you that I heard of Christ!

Bless you all, bless you everyone, bless you and Merry Christmas!
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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