Posted by: Taylor | January 3, 2014

A New Hope for a New Year!!!

Happy New Year from the Kendrick family. We have now been home in Hoover since Christmas Eve, and it’s been wonderful! Bethany Continues to make good improvements, and we are all starting to catchup on rest. We have travelled back to Atlanta twice for blood work since returning home (yesterday and the Friday after Christmas). Both trips went extremely well. Bethanys’ liver numbers continues to improve, and we seem to be getting closer to getting her Prograf dosage correct. As of today, we won’t need to return to Atlanta until January 15th.

We will begin seeing Bethany’s local doctor and doing blood work here in Birmingham next week. This is great news! It means Bethany is becoming more stable. Praise God!

I apologize I have not updated as often since being home. We have all been tired, and trying to settle back into normal after being gone for 6 weeks is not easy. But as each day passes, I can tell that we are all starting to breathe a little easier. Prayerfully this means a little bit of normal is just around the corner.

l pray this quick note finds you and your family doing well. We continue to pinch ourselves daily trying to comprehend all that has actually taken place since that amazing phone call on November 19th that changed Bethany’s life so dramatically. God is good all the time! And you, our family and friends, you are amazing! Thank you can’t say enough. Instead, may this simple prayer of thanksgiving fill you and your family with blessings upon blessings.

Father God, to you only should all praise come. You are the giver of life and the provided all needs and comfort. May you be praised and glorified for all the kindness shown to our family. May your name be made famous among the nations, and may many come to know of Your wonderful deeds. For without Your influence and guidance we would never turn to You, seek You, or seek the welfare of others. Praise be to You and You alone! And may blessing flow to the vessels of Your provisions.


2Cor, 6:2 “Now is the Time!”


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