Posted by: Taylor | January 22, 2014

Two Months Since Transplant!

26647_791727697507649_1484474669_nYesterday was Bethany’s two month anniversary since receiving her new liver, and she’s doing great!

We won’t repeat lab work again until next, but Bethany continues to make great improvements daily. Starting Saturday, her headaches have not been as bad, and it seems that she is beginning to recover from her sinus infection.

Sunday, Bethany returned to church for the first time since before transplant. We all had a wonderful day of worship in the morning, and Sunday afternoon, the entire family went to Moss Rock Preserve for a short hike. Bethany became a little tired, but overall, she did great!

Monday was MLK day. Angela was off from work. It was a beautiful sunny and 60 degree day. I took the opportunity to get to the golf course to hit some ball at the driving range, and Angela and the kids made it back out to Moss Rock Preserve for another hike. Bethany did even better this time!

Monday also marked the last day Bethany would wear a pain patch. She’s wore a pain patch since August last year due to all the abdominal pain she experienced due to her liver failure. Praise God! Bethany is now off all pain medication except for Tylenol as needed, and she is doing great. This is huge! We are so excited to see Bethany doing so well. Each day, we are seeing Bethany look and feel better.

Finally, because Bethany continues to improve, we have decided to make a trip to see my parents this weekend. We have all missed seeing them over the holidays, but Bethany has especially been missing seeing her Nanah and Papa. Keep us in your prayers as we travel this weekend. Please pray the trip isn’t too much for Bethany.

Thank you again for your continued support and prayers. Please keep them up.

In His Grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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