Posted by: Taylor | January 31, 2014

A New Hope for a New Year! Update # 3:

Just a quick update.

Bethany continues to due well.  Her liver numbers have continued to improve and stay normal.  This past weekend we were able to travel to Foley, AL, to visit with my parents for the weekend.  It was wonderful!  We all had a great visit, and my parents as always spoiled both kids.

As many of you know, Alabama and Georgia were hit by what is now dubbed “Snowmageddon 2014.”  All of us made it through the storm safe and sound.  Angela didn’t make it home the first night.  She ended up having to abandoning her car about 4 miles from our home and spending the night with some dear friends.  Bethany and I almost got caught in the weather as well, but thankfully, I took a less traveled road home after doing lab work downtown.  It only took us 4 hours to get home, one hour of which was spent less than 1/10 of a mile from our house.

Prayer Request:

1.  Bethany’s lab work showed this time that she tested positive for the cmv virus.  This was expected since she was cmv negative before transplant and her donor was cmv positive.

CMV is the virus that can cause mono and a few other things.
Bethany is not a danger to others (except for pregnant women), and for the most part she is still feeling good.  Her doctors have increased one of her medication to help fight the virus.  We will repeat lab work next week to monitor the virus’ progress.


The doctor’s require blood work to show two negative test to clear Bethany of the virus.  The virus can cause Bethany’s liver numbers to increase which if these numbers increase too much they could cause confusion as to whether the increase is due to the virus or rejection.


Please pray Bethany will quickly develop an immunity to this virus, and that she does not experience any complications due to the treatment of the virus.


2.  Please also pray for Bethany’s side.  Starting last Friday her side began to experience sharp pain.  We’re not sure where this has come from, but it is causing Bethany trouble sleeping.

For a short update, this sure is too long!  I pray this update finds each of you well and safe.  Thanks for your continued prayers for our family!

In His grace,


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