Posted by: Taylor | April 2, 2014

Prayer Requests and Updates:

Bethany celebrated her four month anniversary with her new liver about a week and a half ago! Her liver is doing very well, and toward the end of January and the beginning of February she really started feeling better. February was marked with lots of play, smiles, and laughter.

February also marked an increase in two of Bethany’s virus numbers. These viruses are CMV and EBV. These viruses have caused us to do lab work weekly and we have had to lower Bethany’s immunosuppressant medications to combat these viruses.

Bethany continued to feel great through the first half of March until she developed a sinus infection. Since then, Bethany has struggled. Her CMV and EBV numbers increased even more, and about 14 days ago her stomach began to hurt. This stomach pain and elevated CMV and EBV numbers prompted us to return to Atlanta yesterday for an MRI, upper and lower scopes, and a liver biopsy. The MRI was completed last night (4-1-14), and the scopes and the liver biopsy are scheduled for Thursday morning (4 – 3-14).

The elevated CMV and EBV are our biggest concern. If these viruses get into Bethany’s tissue, they can turn into lymphoma.  Bethany’s MRI yesterday showed an abnormal growth in her stomach and her small intestines. This is definitely the cause of her stomach pain. Tomorrow’s scopes and biopsy will help us to know about these two growths.

The growths could be one of two types. One type is definitely lymphoma (meaning cancer and chemo), and the other type possibly isn’t cancer. Either way, Bethany needs your prayers.

How to pray:
1. Please pray that the tissue samples won’t test positive for cancer.

2. Pray for Bethany’s continued liver health. Whether cancer is present or not, we are having to lower Bethany’s anti-rejection medications so her body can fight off these viruses on its own.  This will obviously put her at risk for rejection, but as her doctors have said, rejection is the least of our concerns at this moment.

3. Please pray for logistics for the rest of the family. Depending upon Bethany’s full diagnosis, it might mean we will need to be in Atlanta for an extended period. Nothing is known at this moment for sure, but please keep us in your prayers as we try and plan.

4. Please give God praise and thanksgiving. Because we have been diligent in Bethany’s care, we have discovered these growths early. This means we have a good chance to attack them early. Also, we are so thankful that Bethany’s new liver continues to do so well. God is so good!

As we receive more test results, I’ll update this page. Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray fervantly that these growths are not cancerous. We love you!

In His Grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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