Posted by: Taylor | April 22, 2014

Update: April 22nd, 2014

Today has been a very long day for Bethany.  She had an ultrasound and liver biopsy along with her chemotherapy which is still going even now.

This morning’s lab work showed that all of Bethany’s liver numbers increased significantly.  Two of her liver indicators increased by a factor of 10, and the other two increased by a factor of 3.  The biopsy showed that Bethany has begun to reject her new liver.  We can fix this though the solution can complicate her cancer therapy.

Starting tonight Bethany is being put back on immunosuppressants to stop her from rejecting her liver.  She will receive a bolus of solumedrol (iv prednisone) for 3 days, and she being put back on a small dose of prograf.  The doctors are also putting her back on two different antibiotics and an antifungal medication.  Bethany has continued to run a low grade fever today, and she still feels awful.  

How to pray for Bethany:

  1. Pray God would completely eradicate the cancer.  We are making good strides in this direction.  Praise God!
  2. Pray that we can halt this episode of liver rejection.  This rejection has really complicated things a lot.  It complicates treatment not only for now, but also for future treatment as well.
  3. Pray for Bethany’s spirits.  She is really tired physically, but also emotionally.  She is so ready to be home and be normal.  We’re going on 4 weeks here, and even if she felt like it, we have been told explicitly that she can’t leave the hospital grounds.  We’ve done every imaginable thing available here at least 10 times, and we’ve gone everywhere on the hospital grounds at least 2x’s per day for the past 22 days.  Bethany could really use some good news and encouragement.  Please pray in this light.
  4. Pray that whatever infection that keeps causing her to run fevers to go away.
  5. Pray also that her flu like aches, headaches, and backaches will go away.
  6. Pray that her medicine schedule can get back to a good schedule.  Because of her tests today, all of her medications are all off.  This means we will most likely be up all night giving her iv medication.
  7. Pray for good restful sleep for Bethany.
  8. Pray for Jonathan and my parents as they help him with school this week and care for him.  I think they are all enjoying each other.
  9. Pray for Angela since she is home in Birmingham alone.
  10. Pray for me to get out of the room some even if it is only for a short walk.  I’m really in need of some good exercise.
  11. Pray for Bethany’s doctors as they continue to try and balance Bethany’s liver care with her cancer care.
  12. As you pray, please give God great praise for His mercy and goodness.

We love each of you and appreciate your continued support as we walk this hard road together.  You are part of our story, and we are so thankful that you have chosen to walk it with us.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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