Posted by: Taylor | April 23, 2014

Update: April 23rd, 2014

Bethany has had a much slower day.  She has napped throughout the day which has been good because she is so tired.  We did get down to the library and the garden for a little bit this afternoon. 

Bethany really isn’t feeling well.  We’re having issues with her blood pressure, she continues to ache all over, and currently she has a horrible headache (I’m talking turn off all the lights, stick your head in a dark, quiet place, and hope to die kind of headache).  Her lab work this morning showed pretty much no changes.  The current plan is for Bethany to remain here until at least next Wednesday.

Several praises and thanks.  Bethany had a special visit today for Lynn Clanton!  Thank you so much Lynn!  That was huge for you to drive over to see her.  She really enjoyed seeing you.  Bethany has also received many thoughtful texts and calls from friends and family.  Thank you all for the encouragement!  We love you!  Keep up the great work of prayer and encouragement.  That’s about all the news for today.

Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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