Last Chemotherapy Completed!!!

Bethany completed her last chemotherapy treatment on Monday!  On August 26th, we’ll return to Atlanta for a PET scan to ensure that all of the cancer is gone.

Further Prayer Requests & Praises:

  1. Praise!  Bethany and Jonathan have both completed their school work for the year, and they are now registered for public school which begins next week!
  • Please pray for this new school year for both children.
  • Pray for new friends, adjustments to regular school, and good teachers.

Bethany’s liver numbers were significantly elevated on Monday.  We have adjusted her medication, and will repeat lab work on Thursday.

  • Pray for improvement in her numbers.
  • Pray for understanding (i.e. – why are Bethany’s numbers up – bacterial infection or rejection).
  • Pray for a clear treatment plan.
  • Pray this newest elevation won’t cause Bethany to miss any school (school begins August 7th).

Angela and I are so thankful and appreciative for Bethany’s new lease on life.  We give God great praise.  Even though Bethany has had many bumps along the way this year, her overall health is much improved.

  • Please pray that we are coming to the end of these “bumps” or “complications.”
  • Pray for a time of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional refreshing for Angela and me specifically, but also for the entire family.

Thank you as always for your prayers!
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan



Bethany did not need a stint! No bile duct blockage! The doctors had to inject dye into Bethany’s bile ducts to see where the blockage was located to place the stint. After injecting the dye, they could not find any blockages! This is wonderful news!

We believe the MRI showed inflammation, not blockage. Bethany will be on iv antibiotics for 14 days, and then we will begin oral antibiotics.  She did have a bacterial infection which began in her liver, but again, no blockages.

Further, as I believe that I have already said, they were able to save Bethany’s port! Praise God!

Finally,  we will be delaying Bethany’s last chemotherapy until the 29th of July. It was scheduled for the 22nd.

I am headed to my parents to pick up Jonathan,  and Angela and Bethany are on the road now for home!

Thank you everyone for your prayers! Please keep them. Although we have all manage through another hospital stay and emergency well. These events do tax all of us greatly physically,  emotional,  mentally,  and spiritually. Please pray for our refreshing.  Please also remember the kids as we begin our final preparations for them to begin their new school year in new schools.

Thank you! In His grace, Taylor

MRI Update & Staying Put for a Procedure & the Weekend

Bethany did great for her MRI. It showed that she has a blocked bile duct located where the liver was joined to her small intestines. The blockage is most likely caused by scar tissue. Because of this blockage, Bethany will have a procedure to place a stint in her liver tomorrow afternoon to open up this blockage. The stint will remain in for 3 months with a drain. The stints will need to be replaced twice over the 3 month period.

Please pray for Bethany’s surgery. Pray for everything to go smooth. Pray for a quick recovery. Pray for no further complications or infections.

Thank you!
Taylor, Angela,  Bethany, and Jonathan

MRI Update

Bethany’s MRI has been rescheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow.  Bethany has had a great day. I would say she’s back to her normal self. As long as the MRI does show anything unusual,  I think we’ll be home by the weekend.

As of now, it looks like Bethany will be able to keep her port. Praise God! She will most likely be on iv antibiotics for 7-14 days.

Pray for a clear MRI tomorrow.

Pray for a short antibiotic schedule.

Pray we can get home before the weekend.

Pray for my parents and Jonathan.  They are all enjoying each other and having a nice visit.

Pray Bethany might be able to travel down for a visit with her grandparents before school begins. She was so looking forward to visiting with them this week.

Pray for school plans.

God is so good, and it is awesome to see Bethany feeling better so soon. Thank you for your continued prayers!

In His grace,
Taylor,  Angela,  Bethany,  and Jonathan

We’re in Atlanta

Bethany and I (Taylor) have made it to Atlanta.  She made the trip in the abulance. I made it in our Tahoe which had to have its starter replaced this a.m. Not bad 323,000 miles on one starter!

Bethany has responded very well to the antibiotics.  So far, none of the other blood cultures have grown any bacteria, and Bethany is gaining her appetite back. She still has a headache,  but I’m sure this is due to the stress her body has been under. Hopefully,  her head will feel better soon.

Bethany is scheduled for an MRI in the a.m. We’re checking to see if there is any infection in the liver. We should also find out exactly what type of bacterial infection she has from the blood culture taken on Sunday.

Please continue to pray for Bethany’s healing. Specifically,  pray Bethany won’t have to have her port removed.

Thanks again for your prayers. God is good!
Taylor, Angela,  Bethany, and Jonathan

Back to Atlanta

After conferring with Bethany’s transplant team in Atlanta,  it has been decided that it would be best that the Atlanta team take over Bethany’s care. The team is currently arranging transport for Bethany with our insurance.  As long as Bethany is stable and insurance matters are taken care of, we will be headed to Atlanta tomorrow.

Bethany seems to be feeling better. She hasn’t thrown up since 4 a.m., and she seems to be getting her appetite back.

Please pray for continued healing, safe travel,  and wisdom for Bethany’s care. Pray also for her port. It appears that we will have to remove it once the infection is cleared from her system.  Then she’ll need 21 days of further antibiotics. Finally,  pray for Bethany’s plans to return to public school on August 7th. With this new infection,  we could be cutting it close to have her ready and healthy to begin high school.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support…

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan

Systemic Bacterial Infection

Bethany has contracted a systemic bacterial infection.  Her port appears to be infected.  She’s currently being given 3 antibiotics by iv. She had a very rough night. Her entire body hurt, and she continued to have vomiting and diarrhea.

As of now, she is finally getting some rest. I’m not sure if this is because of the anti nausea meds, antibiotics starting to work, shear exhaustion, or a combo of all 3. Her doctors are working with her transplant team in Atlanta on a game plan. They might end up transporting us there later.

Thanks for all the encouraging notes and prayers. Please keep them coming. Once we have a definite plan, I’ll update Bethany’s progress.

In His grace,