Posted by: Taylor | July 13, 2014

Quick Update & Prayer Request for Bethany

For the past two months Bethany has been doing great. She has continued to make great improvements,  and her lab values have improved each time. In fact, earlier this week we got back the best set of lab values that I can remember since before she was diagnosed with liver disease!

This weekend we traveled to Andalusia,  AL, for my mom’s family reunion. We missed the reunion last year because Bethany was in the hospital all summer. The reunion was wonderful. We have an awesome family!

Last night we gathered for dinner, hymn singing,  and reconnecting. Everyone was so glad to see a healthy Bethany.  So many prayers have been answered this past year. So much love, concern, and devotion shown by all of our family. It was great being with everyone.

This morning all the family went to church together at Liberty Home Baptist Church.  We had planned to join, but unfortunately,  Bethany woke up sick this morning with a high fever, vomiting,  and generally not feeling well. We called her doctors in Atlanta,  and they advised that we get back to Birmingham and the er.

Angela, Bethany, and I are at the er now. We are still waiting on lab results. Hopefully,  we are just dealing with a stomach bug, but with all that is going on with Bethany, we can’t ever take that chance.

Jonathan has gone home with my parents for the week. Bethany was supposed to have gone too. Hopefully,  she’ll get to join him later this week if we can get her feeling better.

Please be in prayer for Bethany.  She really doesn’t feel well. We might end up having to go to Atlanta,  but hopefully not. She has her last chemotherapy next Tuesday,  July 22nd. Prayerfully, we won’t be in Atlanta until then.

Pray for Jonathan and my parents.  I know they’ll all enjoy each other,  but they will also miss Bethany.  They were all looking forward to there visit together.  This would have been the kids first visit with just my parents in nearly 3 years.

Thanks for your prayers as always. I look forward to sharing good news soon!

In His grace,


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