Posted by: Taylor | July 19, 2014


Bethany did not need a stint! No bile duct blockage! The doctors had to inject dye into Bethany’s bile ducts to see where the blockage was located to place the stint. After injecting the dye, they could not find any blockages! This is wonderful news!

We believe the MRI showed inflammation, not blockage. Bethany will be on iv antibiotics for 14 days, and then we will begin oral antibiotics.  She did have a bacterial infection which began in her liver, but again, no blockages.

Further, as I believe that I have already said, they were able to save Bethany’s port! Praise God!

Finally,  we will be delaying Bethany’s last chemotherapy until the 29th of July. It was scheduled for the 22nd.

I am headed to my parents to pick up Jonathan,  and Angela and Bethany are on the road now for home!

Thank you everyone for your prayers! Please keep them. Although we have all manage through another hospital stay and emergency well. These events do tax all of us greatly physically,  emotional,  mentally,  and spiritually. Please pray for our refreshing.  Please also remember the kids as we begin our final preparations for them to begin their new school year in new schools.

Thank you! In His grace, Taylor


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