Posted by: Taylor | July 30, 2014

Last Chemotherapy Completed!!!

Bethany completed her last chemotherapy treatment on Monday!  On August 26th, we’ll return to Atlanta for a PET scan to ensure that all of the cancer is gone.

Further Prayer Requests & Praises:

  1. Praise!  Bethany and Jonathan have both completed their school work for the year, and they are now registered for public school which begins next week!
  • Please pray for this new school year for both children.
  • Pray for new friends, adjustments to regular school, and good teachers.

Bethany’s liver numbers were significantly elevated on Monday.  We have adjusted her medication, and will repeat lab work on Thursday.

  • Pray for improvement in her numbers.
  • Pray for understanding (i.e. – why are Bethany’s numbers up – bacterial infection or rejection).
  • Pray for a clear treatment plan.
  • Pray this newest elevation won’t cause Bethany to miss any school (school begins August 7th).

Angela and I are so thankful and appreciative for Bethany’s new lease on life.  We give God great praise.  Even though Bethany has had many bumps along the way this year, her overall health is much improved.

  • Please pray that we are coming to the end of these “bumps” or “complications.”
  • Pray for a time of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional refreshing for Angela and me specifically, but also for the entire family.

Thank you as always for your prayers!
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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