Posted by: Taylor | October 17, 2014

Continued Elevated Liver Numbers…

Bethany and I (Taylor) are have been in Atlanta since Wednesday having test run because Bethany’s liver levels have remained elevated since July.  Bethany had a MRI on Wednesday afternoon, and we are currently waiting for her to go back for a liver biopsy and cholangiogram (dye injected into her bile ducts).  Her doctor expects to find one of three thing:  an obstruction, rejection, or recurrence of her primary sclerosing cholangitis (the disease which caused Bethany to need a transplant in the first place).

Bethany is feeling great.  The elevated liver levels have not caused her to have symptomatic issues.  We are definitely praying that her PSC has not returned.

Please pray for:

  1. Clear understanding of why Bethany’s liver enzymes have been elevated.
  2. Clear direction on how to help Bethany.
  3. Complete and total healing and good continued health.
  4. Praises for God’s grace in allowing Bethany to be back in regular school.
  5. Praises for God’s grace with Bethany and Jonathan’s 1st 9 weeks of school (all A’s & B’s for both).
  6. Praises, Bethany continues to be cancer free!

Thank you!

In His grace,


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