Posted by: Taylor | October 18, 2014

Results…Being Back Home…Answered Prayers…!!!

We have great news!

Bethany’s biopsy results showed mild rejection which we can treat with a change of her medication…Yeah!  This was the best possible cause of her elevated liver numbers.  Her doctor truly expected to see that Bethany’s PSC had returned.

Remember, we had three possibilities as the cause of Bethany’s elevated liver numbers:

  1. Rejection – which could have caused her to be hospitalized.
  2. Blockage – which would have required a stint to be inserted along with a drainage tube for 3 months.
  3. Recurrence of the PSC – which would have eventually required another transplant.

Rejection was the best of the 3, and praise God, that is what we’re dealing with.  But because the rejection is so mild, we are able to treat it with home meds!  How awesome is that!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we all are.  This is huge!  We had prepared ourselves for the worst and prayed for the best, but we’ve done that before without such good results.  We are thrilled.  This is one of the first times this past year that Bethany did not fall into the 10% range.  You know what I’m talking about…only 10% of the people with xyz have this…side effect…develop cancer…reject their new organ in the first week…develop a recurrence of their disease…

It’s awesome that Bethany gets to be part of the 90% for a change!  Further, her doctor said qualifying it with, “at this time,” that she shows no signs of recurrence of her PSC!!!


So, needless to say, we give God great praise and thanksgiving for all the answered prayers!  Thank you for your continued prayers.  Please keep them up.  We are all still transitioning from sick Bethany to knew happy and healthy Bethany.  It’s a great transition to experience.

We returned home last night around 6 p.m. and had a wonderful evening with our supper club from our small group at church.  This morning, we have the wonderful privilege with our small group to go and serve breakfast to families at the Ronald McDonald House here in Birmingham!

It is a beautiful day outside this morning.  Enjoy.  Praise God.



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