Going Home Today! Will Remain on Home IV Antibiotics for the Next Several Weeks…

Bethany is doing much better.  She has been fever free since Thursday afternoon, and she began eating again on Friday.  She is still extremely tired and weak, and is only able to be up for short periods of time without becoming tired.

It was originally believed she became septic because of her port.  We now know the infection occurred during her procedure on Tuesday.  Either way, the infection spread through her bloodstream quickly causing her to spike a fever of 104 within an hour and thirty minutes of her biopsy and ptc.  We are very blessed to have caught the infection so quickly.  Septic Shock is very dangerous and can be fatal.  We give God the praise for Bethany’s quick thinking doctors and nurses and for her recovery.

What’s next?

Bethany will be discharged from the hospital today after her 2 p.m. iv antibiotic infusion.  We will return home and continue administering two different iv antibiotics for the next two weeks.  She’ll be receiving five iv infusions a day.  Her doctors said she cannot return to school with her pic or while on the antibiotics.  The hospital teacher is working with our school system to setup homebound teaching for Bethany over the next two weeks.

How to pray:

  1. Complete recovery from this infection.
  2. Help and understanding from the school as Bethany makes up her missed work.
  3. Bethany is supposed to have semester exams next week.  Pray she can be prepared to take them so she won’t have to worry about school over the Christmas break.
  4. Better understanding concerning Bethany’s continued rejection of her liver.  We have begun a new medication and treatment plan.  This will require returning to Atlanta on Dec. 19th for an IV-IG infusion.  Please pray these new medicines and treatments will help Bethany to stop rejecting her liver.

I think that’s about it.  Each time Bethany goes through one of these hospital stays, I always marvel at God’s grace and goodness.  Prayers have been lifted for Bethany from around the world, notes have been sent, and calls received.  Thank you!  Prayerfully, we will have an uneventful Christmas and New Years.

I have great expectations for this next year for Bethany and our entire family.  Our biggest prayer is that in all things God will be glorified.  This happens when we are most satisfied in Him.  How about you?  Where does your satisfaction lie?  If your joy, peace, happiness, or sense of well-being come from anything other than a relationship with God through His Son Jesus, then you will never experience true joy and satisfaction.  Forgiveness of your sins by Jesus through His death on the cross brings repentance unto life and salvation from God’s wrath.  Seek God, He wants to be found, and be your satisfaction.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


Moving Back to the Transplant Floor, 12-4-14

Bethany’s condition has improved enough for her to move back to the transplant floor.  Her blood pressure improved first, and by 1:30 p.m. today her fever started breaking.  By 3:00 p.m., she became fever free and has remained so.  Yeah!

Bethany began feeling a little better about 5 p.m., and generally felt better for a couple of hours.  She even took a little walk.  We think she over did it though.  Since her walk, she has not felt well.  She is sleeping now.  She is still extremely tired, and continues to have issues with nausea and diarrhea.  She has been allow liquids today for the first time since Monday night, and she has tolerated it without throwing up.

As the symptoms of sepsis diminish, her liver symptoms are returning.  Specifically, she is having uncontrollable itching.  We are trying to address this with medicine, but ultimately, we need to discover why her bile is not being processed properly by her liver.  Please pray God will give her doctors understanding what is happening.  Currently, we have three possibilities.  All three, will require more research and testing to confirm.  Please pray for this process.

We continue to marvel at God’s provision for Bethany and her ability to cope with each new trial.  Her rapid turnaround today has been very encouraging.  She is still extremely weak and tired, but considering where she came from it is amazing to see her feeling so much better.  Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer for Bethany, and please continue to remain steadfast.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan

Bethany’s Port Removed, 12-3-14

Bethany has returned from having her port removed.  Her doctors believe it is infected and has kept her from recovering from sepsis.  Her day has been difficult battling 104+ fevers, headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea.  We are hopeful by removing her port her body will begin to fight off this infection.  We will likely remain in the hospital for the next week, and when we do go home, Bethany will remain on iv antibiotics for the next several weeks.

We are so thankful for Bethany’s doctors and nurses.  They have all taken great care of Bethany.  Without their quick response to Bethany’s worsening condition, she could have been in a much more dangerous situation.

Further, we praise God for His watch care over Bethany and our entire family.  Even though Bethany has had a difficult year since transplant, this year would not be possible without that transplant.  Thankfulness does not mean the absence of difficulties.  Difficulties enriches the meaning for what we are grateful for.  God continues to be so good and gracious to us.

Bethany still has many hard days of recovery ahead.  Here is how you can pray for her:

  1. Sleep.  Bethany is exhausted.
  2. Total healing from this bacterial infection.
  3. Healing from severe headaches.
  4. No more vomiting or diarrhea.
  5. Wisdom on how to treat her ongoing liver issues.  We came to Atlanta for a liver biopsy because her liver enzymes were elevated.  Her biopsy shows ongoing rejection.  We won’t address the rejection until we can get the sepsis under control.
  6. Catching up with her missed school work.  Bethany will possibly miss 2 weeks of school.  She is doing well in all her classes, but trying to catch up is never easy.
  7. Praise God for working in Bethany’s life, and look with expectation to see what He has planned for her.

Pray continual.  Believe.  Remain faithfully His.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan

Rough Night, 12-3-14

Thank you everyone for your prayers for Bethany.  Please keep them coming.  Bethany continues to run a very high fever (105), she continues to throw up and be extremely nauseous, but her blood pressure has improved. Praises!

The blood cultures show that Bethany has a systemic bacterial infection and that she is suffering the effects of septic shock.  Most likely this occurred either from the liver biopsy or from her port being accessed.  We have her on two antibiotics and a lot of iv fluids.  Her blood pressure is doing better, but we still have been unable to do much about her fever.

Please pray:

  1. Bethany’s fever will break.
  2. The nausea will stop.
  3. Bethany’s blood pressure will remain stable.
  4. Bethany will be able to rest.  She hasn’t slept any.
  5. The antibiotics will rid her system of this infection.

Thank you for your prayers!  God is faithful all the time.

Setbacks, 12-2-14

Today, Bethany and I traveled to Atlanta for another liver biopsy and dye test.  Over the past four weeks, Bethany’s liver numbers have been on the rise.  Last Tuesday before Thanksgiving, her numbers took a significant jump prompting her doctors to do the liver biopsy today.

Bethany did well with the biopsy.  We have not received results yet, but should know something soon.  Because her liver enzymes have been so high, Bethany has been admitted to the hospital.  Bethany began to feel nauseous, have chills, ache all over, and run a fever once we got her to her room,  She has thrown up once, and in general feels awful.  She is currently running a fever of 103.6.  Her doctors have drawn blood to run cultures on and they will soon start her on two antibiotics.

We would all appreciate your prayers for Bethany as we address this small setback.  Please pray for:

  1. Clarity in understanding what is going on with Bethany’s liver.
  2. Healing and a quick recovery.
  3. Bethany’s school work that she will miss.
  4. Angela and Jonathan.  They are in Birmingham and it is always hard on them not being able to be near Bethany when she is sick.

I would also ask that you remember my parents, Bill and Kay Kendrick.  My parents are also here in Atlanta at Emory to see a specialist for my father.  He is suffering from small fiber neuropathy which has progressed to the point that he is almost bedridden.  He is in constant pain with little relief.  Please pray this new doctor will be able to help him.  Pray also for my mom.  Trips like this are hard on them both.  Finally, please pray for my brother John.  He drove my parents here from their home in Foley, Alabama, and will be assisting them while they are here.

Thank you for your prayers.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  We saw Angela’s mom, Jeanie, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then spent the rest of the holiday with my brother and his family and my parents in Foley.  I pray each of you had a good Thanksgiving too.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan