Posted by: Taylor | December 2, 2014

Setbacks, 12-2-14

Today, Bethany and I traveled to Atlanta for another liver biopsy and dye test.  Over the past four weeks, Bethany’s liver numbers have been on the rise.  Last Tuesday before Thanksgiving, her numbers took a significant jump prompting her doctors to do the liver biopsy today.

Bethany did well with the biopsy.  We have not received results yet, but should know something soon.  Because her liver enzymes have been so high, Bethany has been admitted to the hospital.  Bethany began to feel nauseous, have chills, ache all over, and run a fever once we got her to her room,  She has thrown up once, and in general feels awful.  She is currently running a fever of 103.6.  Her doctors have drawn blood to run cultures on and they will soon start her on two antibiotics.

We would all appreciate your prayers for Bethany as we address this small setback.  Please pray for:

  1. Clarity in understanding what is going on with Bethany’s liver.
  2. Healing and a quick recovery.
  3. Bethany’s school work that she will miss.
  4. Angela and Jonathan.  They are in Birmingham and it is always hard on them not being able to be near Bethany when she is sick.

I would also ask that you remember my parents, Bill and Kay Kendrick.  My parents are also here in Atlanta at Emory to see a specialist for my father.  He is suffering from small fiber neuropathy which has progressed to the point that he is almost bedridden.  He is in constant pain with little relief.  Please pray this new doctor will be able to help him.  Pray also for my mom.  Trips like this are hard on them both.  Finally, please pray for my brother John.  He drove my parents here from their home in Foley, Alabama, and will be assisting them while they are here.

Thank you for your prayers.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  We saw Angela’s mom, Jeanie, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then spent the rest of the holiday with my brother and his family and my parents in Foley.  I pray each of you had a good Thanksgiving too.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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