Posted by: Taylor | December 3, 2014

Rough Night, 12-3-14

Thank you everyone for your prayers for Bethany.  Please keep them coming.  Bethany continues to run a very high fever (105), she continues to throw up and be extremely nauseous, but her blood pressure has improved. Praises!

The blood cultures show that Bethany has a systemic bacterial infection and that she is suffering the effects of septic shock.  Most likely this occurred either from the liver biopsy or from her port being accessed.  We have her on two antibiotics and a lot of iv fluids.  Her blood pressure is doing better, but we still have been unable to do much about her fever.

Please pray:

  1. Bethany’s fever will break.
  2. The nausea will stop.
  3. Bethany’s blood pressure will remain stable.
  4. Bethany will be able to rest.  She hasn’t slept any.
  5. The antibiotics will rid her system of this infection.

Thank you for your prayers!  God is faithful all the time.


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