Posted by: Taylor | December 8, 2014

Going Home Today! Will Remain on Home IV Antibiotics for the Next Several Weeks…

Bethany is doing much better.  She has been fever free since Thursday afternoon, and she began eating again on Friday.  She is still extremely tired and weak, and is only able to be up for short periods of time without becoming tired.

It was originally believed she became septic because of her port.  We now know the infection occurred during her procedure on Tuesday.  Either way, the infection spread through her bloodstream quickly causing her to spike a fever of 104 within an hour and thirty minutes of her biopsy and ptc.  We are very blessed to have caught the infection so quickly.  Septic Shock is very dangerous and can be fatal.  We give God the praise for Bethany’s quick thinking doctors and nurses and for her recovery.

What’s next?

Bethany will be discharged from the hospital today after her 2 p.m. iv antibiotic infusion.  We will return home and continue administering two different iv antibiotics for the next two weeks.  She’ll be receiving five iv infusions a day.  Her doctors said she cannot return to school with her pic or while on the antibiotics.  The hospital teacher is working with our school system to setup homebound teaching for Bethany over the next two weeks.

How to pray:

  1. Complete recovery from this infection.
  2. Help and understanding from the school as Bethany makes up her missed work.
  3. Bethany is supposed to have semester exams next week.  Pray she can be prepared to take them so she won’t have to worry about school over the Christmas break.
  4. Better understanding concerning Bethany’s continued rejection of her liver.  We have begun a new medication and treatment plan.  This will require returning to Atlanta on Dec. 19th for an IV-IG infusion.  Please pray these new medicines and treatments will help Bethany to stop rejecting her liver.

I think that’s about it.  Each time Bethany goes through one of these hospital stays, I always marvel at God’s grace and goodness.  Prayers have been lifted for Bethany from around the world, notes have been sent, and calls received.  Thank you!  Prayerfully, we will have an uneventful Christmas and New Years.

I have great expectations for this next year for Bethany and our entire family.  Our biggest prayer is that in all things God will be glorified.  This happens when we are most satisfied in Him.  How about you?  Where does your satisfaction lie?  If your joy, peace, happiness, or sense of well-being come from anything other than a relationship with God through His Son Jesus, then you will never experience true joy and satisfaction.  Forgiveness of your sins by Jesus through His death on the cross brings repentance unto life and salvation from God’s wrath.  Seek God, He wants to be found, and be your satisfaction.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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