Posted by: Taylor | February 10, 2015

Make-A-Wish, More Tests, Prayers, and an Interview

Happy New a little late!

I pray you and your families are enjoying many blessings.  I have many things to share with you in the way of praises and prayer request.  I’ll try and keep this update short, but I can’t make promises.


  1. We had a wonderful Christmas!  Angela’s mom Jeanie came for Christmas.  We all loved her being here and celebrating Jesus’ birth with us.  After she returned home, we traveled to Foley, Alabama, and visited with my parents and my brother’s family.
  2. Bethany was able to return to school in January!  She continues to do well, and she absolutely loves being in high school.
  3. We are currently planning for Bethany’s Make-A-Wish trip scheduled for Spring Break 2015!  The wonderful people at Make-A-Wish grant wishes to extremely sick children as a way of encouraging them as they go through their illness.  Bethany’s Make-A-Wish is for a Disney Cruise!  We were scheduled to do this last summer, but we were unable to do it because of Bethany’s cancer and chemo treatments.  Prayerfully, Bethany will remain healthy enough for us to go.
  4. Taylor has an unexpected job interview tomorrow, Wednesday, February 11th!  Please pray all will go well and that we trust God in this process.

Prayer Requests:

A little background information first:

As you might remember, Bethany spent some time in the hospital in December.  We had gone for Bethany to have a liver biopsy and a liver dye test (known as a PTC).  Bethany’s biopsy showed no rejection, but did show damage to her bile ducts.  The PTC test was supposed to inject dye into Bethany’s bile ducts so her doctors could see if there were any blockages or strictures in her bile ducts.

Bethany has under gone this test 4 times with only 1 successful attempt back in July, 2014.  The last attempt in December, 2014, resulted in Bethany getting a systemic bacterial infection which sent her body into septic shock. Bethany ended up spending 3 days in the icu and 3 more days in the hospital.  She missed school for the entire month of December, and remained on home iv antibiotics until 5 days before Christmas.

Since recovering from the septic shock, Bethany has been doing well.  She has continued to have elevated liver enzymes, but irregardless, has continued to feel well.  This past Sunday while visiting with my parents in Foley, Alabama, Bethany began having uncontrollable itching which is a sign that her liver is not properly processing her bile.  Further, Bethany began experiencing fatigue, nausea, and headaches on Monday.

Because Bethany was feeling so poorly, we decided to have her liver enzymes checked on Monday morning.  We have not received her results yet, but hopefully we’ll get them back tomorrow.  Currently, her doctors in Atlanta want to repeat the same tests Bethany underwent in December (liver biopsy and PTC) possibly this week.

Bethany’s doctor, Dr. Romero, believes there is either a blockage or stricture in her bile duct, but we won’t know anything for certain until the PTC test can be performed.  The problem with this is the fact that only once out of four attempts has the radiologist been able to get a needle into Bethany’s bile duct.  The bile duct is extremely small.  If the test is unsuccessful again, Bethany’s doctor believes it would be necessary to do surgery to determine what is happening with Bethany’s liver.

If the problem is a blockage or stricture, the solution would be the same, to place a stint into Bethany’s bile duct.  This would be a good solution except for the fact that Bethany will need to have a drainage tub coming out from her bile duct for up to 6 months which would need to be drained 3 times a day and changed out about every 6 weeks.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray Bethany’s liver numbers would improve on their own.
  2. Pray that God would remove any blockages or narrowing (strictures) of Bethany’s bile ducts.
  3. Pray Bethany’s liver would begin to process her bile properly.  She is really suffering with itching right now.
  4. Pray that we will still be able to go on Bethany’s Make-A-Wish at spring break.  It’s not the most important thing, but we’ve already moved this trip once.  We were all really looking forward to this trip.  Bethany’s big wish is to swim with the dolphins.  We can move the trip again, but we really don’t want to have to do this.  If Bethany needs a stint, she’ll have a drainage tub in her for up to 6 months which would mean that she can’t get in the water.
  5. Pray for my interview tomorrow.  I’m hopeful and confident that it will go well.  Please pray that we will remain patient through the process and trust God’s leading and timing.

Well, this wasn’t short.  Sorry.  I truly appreciate each of you and your prayers for our family.  Blessings!

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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