Posted by: Taylor | February 12, 2015

Headed to Atlanta for More Tests…

Quick update:

Bethany’s lab work finally came back this morning.  All of her liver enzymes have gone up (not good).  Her doctor wants us to come to Atlanta today so they can do a liver biopsy and PTC test tomorrow.  Bethany’s lab work also showed that the Epstein Bar Virus (EBV) tested positive again with a number of 5300.  Normal or negative with this test would be under 250.  This is the same virus that mutated into lymphoma last April.  So, we will also most likely be doing a CT scan and possibly and endoscopy.

Bethany and I will be leaving for Atlanta in about an hour.  Jeanie, Angela’s mother, is planning to come and stay with Jonathan tomorrow.  Angela plans to join us tomorrow morning after taking Jonathan to school.

I am fully confident (and praying in this same manner) that God will finally reveal to us what is going on with Bethany’s liver.  Please pray that the IR team will be successful when they perform the PTC test tomorrow.  Remember, this is the same test we have run four times with only one successful result.

How to pray:

  1. Pray away cancer.  The EBV being elevated is very concerning especially with how tired Bethany has been these past four days.
  2. Pray for successful PTC test.  Pray this test will give us conclusive results so Bethany’s doctors will know how to best treat Bethany.  If the test is unsuccessful, they will most likely need to do surgery to discover what is wrong with Bethany’s new liver (WE DON’T WANT THIS).
  3. Pray whatever the results that we can get Bethany feeling better quickly, back home, and back to school.

Quick praise!

Not enormously important, but I do wish to give God praise for a good interview.  Thank you everyone for praying for me.  I have not heard back from the interview, but I am at complete peace whatever might happen.  Considering all of Bethany’s continued complications, I’m finding it hard to comprehend whether this is the right time for me to return to work.  But, if God provides, then I will follow His lead.  Thank you for your continued prayers for me and any job or ministry opportunities.

Peace and blessings in Christ the King of Peace!
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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