Posted by: Taylor | February 17, 2015

PSC Take Two…

Yesterday’s procedure brought new revelations.  For starters, we discovered that Bethany had a blockage in her liver on the left side as well as on her right.  Secondly, we discovered that the blockage that we believed was from scar tissue was in reality not scar tissue.  Add all this together and you get a strong possibility that Bethany’s disease, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, has returned.

What does this mean?  It can mean many things, but most essentially, it means God is giving us the opportunity to lean harder into Him and pray He will be glorified.  It means that we would ask true prayer warriors to stand in the gap for Bethany and pray in faith for a complete healing.  I don’t mean people who would lift up a cursory prayer of, “Lord, please heal Bethany.”  I mean true warriors praying in earnest pleas just as Hannah prayed for her son Samuel in 1 Samuel 1-3, just as Jesus prayed in the garden, and just as the disciples prayed before the day of Pentecost.  Pray in the Spirit, pray in faith, and pray in power.  Pray believing, and watch and see what God will do.

What are the stakes?  In her doctor’s own words, “A strong likelihood of a second transplant in the near future.”

Yesterday during Bethany’s procedure the doctors place a 2nd drainage tube on the left side of Bethany’s liver.  This tube along with the one on the right will need to be replace with a larger tube ever 4-6 weeks.  The tubes will be replace three times over the next 3-4 months.  How long the tubes ultimately stay in will be determined by whether Bethany’s bile ducts will remain open after the tubes are removed.

This procedure buys us times as to when and Bethany will need a new liver.  If the bile ducts remain open, a second transplant can be put on hold.  If the bile ducts close up again, our timetable changes as well.

There is a possibility that Bethany’s current issue is not related to her PSC.  The narrowing of her bile ducts could be cause by other factors, but her doctor believes that we have most likely eliminated these possibilities.  As I shared with Bethany, Dr. Romero only knows what his data tells him.  He doesn’t know all that God knows.  Therefore, we are praying to the one who knows everything, and we are asking Him to fix this.

Regardless, we know God is good and He has a purpose even in this, and it is our opportunity to be His vessel to display His glory in this situation.  We each are given something to which God desires us to give back to Him so He may use it to glorify Himself.  This is our something, and we won’t hold it back.  We will display His glory.

Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan

P.S. – Bethany and I hope to be traveling home sometime tomorrow.  Pray for good sleep (Bethany continues to have a lot of pain from her procedures), and pray for safe travel.  Thank you!


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