Posted by: Taylor | February 22, 2015

Being Transported Back to Atlanta…

We have been unable to get Bethany’s fever under control even while on two antibiotics. Her doctors want her in their care, and they will possibly want to take her back into surgery to check her drain tube to see if it’s the cause of the fever.

Angela plans to travel over with  Bethany today. I’ll take Jonathan to school in the morning, check in with Bethany’s school counselor, and then drive back to Atlanta to relieve Angela.

How to pray:

1. Pray we can discover the cause of this fever and get it under control.

2. Pray that Bethany has not become resistant to these antibiotics. She has had to be on constant antibiotics for the past two years. This is a real concern.

3. Pray for Angela’s mom Jeanie. She broke her ankle and wrist last Saturday night while at our home. She required surgery on her wrist. She is home recovering, but please keep her recovery in your prayers.

4. Pray Bethany’s doctors will agree to place a pic line or port in Bethany. Bethany’s veins are giving out. She’s gone through 6 iv  lines in eight days. The last two lines it has take many sticks and several hours for them to even find a place to place a new line.

5. Pray for Bethany’s spirit. She feels awful. She hurts in her side, head, back, neck, and all over. She’s ready to feel better and seems a little discouraged.

6. Pray for safety for our entire family as we travel back and forth to Atlanta. Pray for Angela as she follows the ambulance today. Pray for her return trip tomorrow. Pray for me as well. Last night as Jonathan and I drove to the hospital we were rear ended. We’re okay, and it appears only minor damage to our bumper occurred, but it just reminded me that we need prayers for traveling safety as well.

God is good, and we expect to see Him do big things. Thank you for your faithful prayers and concern. Please feel free to pass our update along to others in your prayer network.

Thank you!

Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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