Posted by: Taylor | February 24, 2015

Wait & See…

Nothing really new to report this morning.  Bethany continues to run fevers between 101.5-103.  She continues to have a lot of pain from the tube placements, and her doctors believe the fevers are most likely associated with the tubes, infected bile, and overall her system just being irritated because we keep messing with her.

The plan for today is rest, manage pain, and hopefully see her fevers go away. The Infectious Disease team is also planning to come by to consult on Bethany’s case and give treatment recommendations to the transplant team.

Finally, we are still discussing what to do in regard to Bethany’s iv lines.  She currently has two lines.  One is in her foot, and the other is in her wrist.  They are both working, but Bethany has a history of blowing lines quickly.  The transplant team is pushing for another pic, specifically, a “tunnel pic.”  A tunnel pic is anchored in the neck.  I’m not happy about this option.  I am pushing for a port to be placed because the maintenance for the port is much easier.  The transplant team has legitimate reasons for not wanting a port, but we believe a port will be a better option for Bethany going forward.

How to pray:

1.  Pray Bethany’s fever will leave.
2.  Pray Bethany will feel better.  Currently, her back, neck, side, stomach, and head all hurt.  She is not eating much because of nausea, and she isn’t sleep much either.
3.  Pray for wisdom in regards to a pic vs. the port.
4.  Pray that the biliary tubes will do their job and scar her bile ducts open allowing Bethany’s liver to function properly.  This ultimately is still a temporary fix.  If the tubes don’t work, Bethany will then need to be re-listed for transplant.

Thank you again for everyone’s prayers and concern.  Have a great day!
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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