Posted by: Taylor | February 26, 2015

Tunnel Picc Line Placed & Fevers Trending Down!

For the past 24 hours, Bethany’s temp has remained under 100!  Yeah!  Thank you for your prayers!

Today at 11:45 a.m., Bethany received her tunnel picc line.  She has slept most of the day since, and continues to be in a lot of pain from her drainage tubes and now the picc line.  I can’t imagine what she is having to deal with.  About the time she feels the least bit better, we have to do something else to her.

If her fevers continue to trend downward, we will possibly cap her drainage tubes in the next 24-48 hours.  Then she will need to be fever free for another 48-72 hours before we can be released.

Bethany continues to feel all around crummy.  Her head, back, neck, side, and now shoulder (picc line) all hurt.  Not to mention that she has at best only eaten a morsel each day because of nausea.

Please pray for these things:

1.  Pray Bethany will regain her appetite and that her nausea will go away.
2.  Pray Bethany will regain her strength.  Bethany has not been able to walk because she has had an iv line in her foot since Sunday.  This along with not eating has made her somewhat weak.
3.  Continue to pray away her fever.  Praises that the fever is finally coming down!
4.  Pray that Bethany can begin to better manage her pain from her drainage tubes.  Her doctors have said that these tubes could cause significant pain for up to four weeks after placement.  Bethany is currently only getting some pain relief from heavy medication.
5.  Pray that once we return home this time that Bethany will not have anymore complications from these drainage tubes.

Thank you, prayer warriors!  Your faithful prayers for Bethany are being heard.  Praises to God!

Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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