Update on Bethany, Plans Going Forward, & Prayer Requests

Good morning!

A not so quick update on Bethany…

Bethany has now been home one week.  She continues to get stronger each day and her appetite is also improving.  She strangely is craving Mexican food.  I think she’s eaten some sort of Mexican 5 out of 7 days!

We returned to Atlanta yesterday (Wednesday) for a clinic visit.  All went well…No surprises…Yeah!

So, what are the plans going forward?


Bethany will be readmitted to Children’s of Atlanta on March 27th to have her biliary tubes up-sized.  This will be the last up-sizing.  She will remain in the hospital, hopefully, for no more than 2-4 days.  These tubes will remain in for 4-8 weeks.  The length of time will be determined at the time of the placement of the new tubes.
We will re-evaluate her tubes sometime between the end on April and the middle of May.  When we re-evaluate, Bethany’s doctors might balloon her biliary ducts, cut away some scar tissue, or remove the drains altogether.  If the tubes are left in at that time, then they will most likely remain until the end of June.


Bethany has not returned to school yet.  She is still recovering from her three week hospital stay.  As I said previously, she is beginning to show signs of recovering her strength, but she is still far from being able to return to school.  Her doctor has requested that Bethany receive homebound instruction until the end of the school year considering Bethany’s current health and the fact that Bethany will be admitted to the hospital at least two more times before the end of the school year.  We have a meeting scheduled with Bethany’s 9th grade counselor and the homebound coordinator this coming Tuesday.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Continue to pray for Bethany’s full healing.  We will not know how successful the biliary drains are until they are removed in about 2-4 months.  We are asking for a full and complete healing.
  2. Pray for no other infections within Bethany’s liver.  A biliary infection these past three weeks is what has kept Bethany in the hospital.
  3. Pray Bethany can get the help she needs in making up all of her school work.  Pray she can complete all work prior to the end of the school year.  She would really like to enjoy a relaxing and healthy summer.  It’s been 3 years since she hasn’t been extremely sick over the summer.
  4. Pray Bethany might be healthy enough to return to school prior to the end of the year.  She really misses her friends and teachers and wants to return as soon as possible.
  5. Consider joining us for a prayer event for Bethany.  I am currently putting together a 10 day prayer devotional/calender for Bethany.  At the end of the 10 days of prayer, we will come together and lay hands on Bethany and pray for her full and complete healing.  Pray for me as I work on this.  I feel very strongly this is of God and that He wants us to believe Him for Bethany’s complete healing.

As always, thank you!  Thank you for notes, email, surprise visits, food, gifts, and so much more.  Many times people will ask, “How are you doing?”  My answer often changes moment by moment.  Honestly, both Angela and I are soul tired, but we are also refreshed because we know God is with us.  God is with us because each of you are with us when you demonstrate His love, kindness, and grace to us.  God is good, and He will be praised!  I refuse to not praise God!  He is good!

We love each of you and appreciate you more than words can say…

May God’s grace and peace be with you,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan



Bethany and I have returned home! Thank you for your prayers. Bethany had a rough night. Thankfully she never developed fever, and once they finally got around to getting her back into interventional radiology, she did great. They replaced her drain with a sterile one. She recovered well without any problems. We left Atlanta around 8:30 and we are now home and in bed. PRAISE THE LORD.

Keep those prayers coming. We are only at the beginning of a long road, one which we believed we had already traveled and were finished with.

We love you each and covete your prayers.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan

You are not going to believe this!

Taylor and Bethany made it safely home this afternoon! Bethany made a beeline for the sofa within minutes of being home. As she did, her tube got caught up in the cushions. While trying to get it free, she managed to pull the tube in such a way that it pulled out the stitches that were holding the tube in! The tube is still in, but we are not sure if it is still positioned correctly in the liver duct. After talking to the doctors in Atlanta, they advised coming back to Atlanta to ER, to be admitted, have the tube imaged, and then re-positioned if needed.

Taylor and Bethany are in the ER in Atlanta now, doing bloodwork, waiting to do X-rays, and get admitted to a hospital room soon. The plan is to do the procedure tomorrow.

Please pray! Here are some specific ways to pray:

1. For rest. We were looking forward to some good, sweet rest and family time this weekend after being separated for the last 3 weeks.
2. Procedure to go well and not get infection from procedure.
3. To be fever free.
4. To come home and stay home! =) =) =)

In His Grace!
Angela & Taylor

Going Home! Yeah!

Bethany and I will be headed home within the next hour!  Yeah!

Sunday Bethany’s temp finally got within the normal range and we were able to cap her biliary drainage tubes.  On Monday, 24 hours after capping her tubes and still fever free, we were able switch Bethany over to oral antibiotics.  Bethany has now had her drainage tubes capped for 72 hours and been on oral antibiotics for 48 hours, and she continues to be fever free.

Bethany continues to have a lot of pain associated with her drainage tubes.  She is also still very weak from not eating for the past three weeks.  Please keep us in your prayers as we return home.

How to pray:

1.  Continued healing for Bethany, and no return trips to the hospital because of infection or fever.
2.  No more infection.  Bethany’s drainage tubes are extremely prone to infection.  Please pray for no infections.
3.  Pray also that Bethany won’t get any infections in her liver.
4.  Rest for all of us.
5.  Bethany’s pain associated with her drainage tube.
6.  Increase in appetite for Bethany.
7.  Wisdom on when Bethany should return to school.
8.  Pray Bethany will be able to catch up on school work.
9.  Pray for a happy and healthy Spring Break.
10.  We return next Wednesday, March 11, for a followup appointment, and we will return on Friday, March 27th, for the doctors to exchange Bethany’s drainage tubes.  Please keep these dates in your prayers.

Your prayers are helping us home.  Thank you!

In His grace,