Posted by: Taylor | March 4, 2015

Going Home! Yeah!

Bethany and I will be headed home within the next hour!  Yeah!

Sunday Bethany’s temp finally got within the normal range and we were able to cap her biliary drainage tubes.  On Monday, 24 hours after capping her tubes and still fever free, we were able switch Bethany over to oral antibiotics.  Bethany has now had her drainage tubes capped for 72 hours and been on oral antibiotics for 48 hours, and she continues to be fever free.

Bethany continues to have a lot of pain associated with her drainage tubes.  She is also still very weak from not eating for the past three weeks.  Please keep us in your prayers as we return home.

How to pray:

1.  Continued healing for Bethany, and no return trips to the hospital because of infection or fever.
2.  No more infection.  Bethany’s drainage tubes are extremely prone to infection.  Please pray for no infections.
3.  Pray also that Bethany won’t get any infections in her liver.
4.  Rest for all of us.
5.  Bethany’s pain associated with her drainage tube.
6.  Increase in appetite for Bethany.
7.  Wisdom on when Bethany should return to school.
8.  Pray Bethany will be able to catch up on school work.
9.  Pray for a happy and healthy Spring Break.
10.  We return next Wednesday, March 11, for a followup appointment, and we will return on Friday, March 27th, for the doctors to exchange Bethany’s drainage tubes.  Please keep these dates in your prayers.

Your prayers are helping us home.  Thank you!

In His grace,


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