Posted by: Taylor | March 4, 2015

You are not going to believe this!

Taylor and Bethany made it safely home this afternoon! Bethany made a beeline for the sofa within minutes of being home. As she did, her tube got caught up in the cushions. While trying to get it free, she managed to pull the tube in such a way that it pulled out the stitches that were holding the tube in! The tube is still in, but we are not sure if it is still positioned correctly in the liver duct. After talking to the doctors in Atlanta, they advised coming back to Atlanta to ER, to be admitted, have the tube imaged, and then re-positioned if needed.

Taylor and Bethany are in the ER in Atlanta now, doing bloodwork, waiting to do X-rays, and get admitted to a hospital room soon. The plan is to do the procedure tomorrow.

Please pray! Here are some specific ways to pray:

1. For rest. We were looking forward to some good, sweet rest and family time this weekend after being separated for the last 3 weeks.
2. Procedure to go well and not get infection from procedure.
3. To be fever free.
4. To come home and stay home! =) =) =)

In His Grace!
Angela & Taylor


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