Posted by: Taylor | April 9, 2015

Biliary Drains have been Up Sized

Bethany and I returned to Atlanta this past Tuesday (April 7th) to have her biliary tubes up sized.  We were supposed to have done this on March 27th, but the hospital made a scheduling error which required us to reschedule to this week.

Bethany’s procedure went very well.  It appears that her biliary drains are working which means that they are reshaping Bethany’s bile ducts.  We will return on May 12th to reevaluate her progress and to determine how much longer the drains will need to remain in.

Bethany and I are still in Atlanta because Bethany began running a fever of 102-103 a couple hours after her procedure on Tuesday.  She has now been fever free for about 24 hours.  We capped Bethany’s drains this morning, stopped her iv antibiotics, and we are hopeful we will be able to return home tomorrow.

How to Pray:

1.  Pray for no fever or return of infection.
2.  Pray as we return home that Bethany doesn’t spike a fever.  As you’ll remember, last month we returned homed too soon only to have to return immediately the next day.
3.  Pray for rest and recovery for Bethany.
4.  With the up sizing of Bethany’s drainage tubes, Bethany is experiencing a lot of pain.
5.  Continue to pray for Bethany’s school work.  The current plan is for her to finish her school year at home.
6.  Pray for complete healing and no need for another liver transplant.
7.  Pray for the rest of us:  physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Thank you and blessings,


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