Posted by: Taylor | May 13, 2015

Biliary Drain Update…We Now Have Anchors!

Yesterday Bethany and I returned to Atlanta to evaluate Bethany’s bile ducts and to see if the biliary drains/stints have opened up her bile ducts. Bethany did great with the procedure. Her liver looked good enough for her doctors to remove her biliary drains from the liver. Bethany still has what her doctor calls “anchors” which look the same as the drains but don’t go all the way through the liver. These are in place just in case the doctors need to gain access to Bethany’s liver in the next week.

The plan going forward is for Bethany to return next Tuesday. If Bethany’s liver numbers remain the same or improve, they will remove the anchors then. Yeah! We will continue to check Bethany’s liver enzymes every 2 weeks to monitor her progress. The next 6 months will be crucial in telling us whether Bethany’s liver troubles have been a recurrence of her disease (PSC) or if this issue has been a mechanical issue due to scar tissue. If the PSC is trying to recur, then Bethany will need to be re-listed for transplant. We are praying this is just a mechanical issue and not a recurrence of her disease.


1. Bethany’s right half of her liver looks perfect and completely healed!
2. Bethany’s left half of her liver has healed well, but does show some signs of permanent damage to one area.
3. Bethany has had no fever after her procedure! This is a first!
4. Bethany has hurt less with this procedure!
5. We are going home today!


1. Pray Bethany’s liver issues have been mechanical and not a recurrence of Bethany’s disease (PSC).
2. Pray Bethany’s liver numbers improve this week so we can remove the anchors next Tuesday.
3. Pray Bethany will continue to be fever and infection free.
4. Pray once we remove the anchors that the wounds from the drains will heal quickly. Bethany really wants to go swimming, and she can’t go until the wounds completely heal.
5. Bethany has made good progress towards completion of her 9th grade school year. Please keep her in your prayers as she works toward finishing up all classes over the next few weeks.
6. Pray Bethany will be able to do her Make-A-Wish over the summer. She had to postpone it because of the biliary drains.
7. Pray Bethany will be completely healed and have no more complications with her liver.

Thank you for your prayers!

In God’s grace and mercy,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


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