Posted by: Taylor | November 12, 2015

Home Again & All is Well!

Bethany and I were able to return home late Tuesday.  She did great with her colonoscopy and endoscopy, and the results showed no lymphoma, no inflammation, and no active ulcerative colitis.  Praise God!

Thank you for all your prayers and concern for her.  Please keep praying.  We are still just five months out from the removal of her biliary tubes, and we are continuing to monitor and adjust her medications to reach the correct balance.  The Epstein Bar Virus (EBV) continues to be active in her system, but those virus levels have dropped.

Bethany’s low hemoglobin levels seem to have been caused by the constant lab work we have needed to perform.  We are adding an iron supplement, and we hope to soon reduce the frequency of blood draws.  Bethany’s other symptoms (fatigue, stomach pain/pressure, and diarrhea) are possibly related to her elevated EBV numbers, but they also could be attributed several other possibilities.

Ultimately, Dr. Romero was thrilled with all of Bethany’s results.  This is the best news.  In his words, “Go home, enjoy the holidays!”

Those are good words.  We are so thankful and appreciative.  Thank you for your constant concern for our family and prayers for Bethany.  You are our blessing!

As we enter the holiday season, and especially as Thanksgiving is just weeks away, allow me to encourage each of you to take a moment to breathe in the deep good air of life, love, friends, and family.  Life is about many things, but the word that floats around our home most days is the word “perspective.”

Occasionally, we all lose our perspective.  But, with reflection, gratefulness, and taking stock of our lives, goals, and priorities, perspective can be regained.  Do that now.  Regain what you might have lost.  Don’t wait until the opportunity passes.  Enjoy the many blessings now.  Later might not come.  Besides, a life well lived is a life which has been reflected upon and treasured moment by moment.

Treasure this moment now.

In His grace,


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